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Intal question

Just been prescribed this in an attempt to find another inhaler that actually works (given how useless steroids are for me and even double montelukast needs some help.)

I know not many people will be on this (two pharmacists were saying they hadn't seen it since their training!) but if anyone is, what dose did you start on? I am a bit confused - GP has said two puffs twice a day but the leaflet and other things I've seen say starting dose is 2 puffs 4 times a day, reduce to 1 puff 4x a day if asthma improves. I would definitely prefer not to take it 4 times a day (seems a bit awkward and I'm liable to forget) but obviously want to make sure I give it a good chance of working.

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2 puffs 4 times a day - it has a really short 'life' in your body so needs to be used regularly. Can't see that twice a day would work, unfortunately.


Don't know about Intal but it sounds like Atrovent dose wise, which was unhelpfully labelled 'use as directed' and the GP had not said!? It's not as unusual as Intal but more commonly given in COPD I think. Can't remember if you said you've tried it but it has made the most difference for me. Asthma nurse has suggested just that & ventolin ... but wait & see consultant.


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