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Atrovent nebs

Hi all

Ive just been perscribed atrovent nebs 4 times daily and atm im taking ventolin nebs every 4 hours . i was just wondering whether or not you can mix atrovent and ventolin to take in the same neb treatment?? coz on the atrovent thing it says to mix it with saline but i was not perscribed saline..

any suggestions would be great

hope all are well


Kate xx.

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I mix atrovent and salbutamol together, always have done. Sorry but i thought the max dose for atrovent was 4 times a day? are you taking 500mcg? I've never added saline in. If your unsure of your dose please go back to your doctor.

hope this helps



Thanks... yer sorry my bad..the maximum dose for atrovent is 4 times a day (every 6 hours)... its salbutamol i can have more often if needed.


Hiii :)

I was under the impression that Atrovent cannot be nebulised more 4 times a day (QDS) i.e. it can only be take every 6 hours. Atrovent and Salbutamol are usually mixed together, I take mine like that. You can get pre-mixed Atrovent and Salbutamol under the brand name of Combivent solution. I do not personally feel its safe to be nebulising Atrovent more than 6 hourly on a regular basis,and I think maybe others would agree with that. There are side effects such as Tachycardia, headaches, sickness and dry mouth. I myself I have never mixed Saline with Atrovent.

Hope you have some improvment with the atrovent nebs. take care.

edit - oops I cross posted :p


Hi Kate

If you at all unsure which it sounds like you are I would go back to who ever prescribed you the atrovent nebs and speak to them, as it's important that you take them as prescribed.

I mix atrovent and salbutamol - if I need to take the 2 at the same time. Like you I take atrovent 4 times a day, but salbutamol nebs are in morning and then as needed (in line with care plan) so don't always co-incide with the atrovent nebs.

Please make sure you're comfortable with how to take your nebs, as it's not something to take lightly

Hoep they help you feel better, have worked wonders for me!



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