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Hi I've just got back from my 1st ever asthma clinic (been going 12 years for my boys!!)I went to get my script and my blasted prepayment card has run out (thought it was next month).I've been prescribed BECLAZONE 50micrograms 2 doses twice daily. I have 2 Qvar Beclometasone Dipropionate 100 in the cupboard my Son no longer uses (yes they are in date). Would I be ok to take 1 puff twice a day? I already have a spacer and ventolin inhaler (the other 2 items on script!). When I used to order my Son's meds I always asked for Beclazone. Am i right it's the same stuff? Would never risk it with the kids but it's such a windup with having to pay for scripts. Two years ago I spent £70 in 10 weeks on antibiotics as I was only ever given weekly doses. I'm going to get a yearly prepayment card this time as I am still on antibiotics daily and given a weeks supply at a time plus an extra dose for infections.Thanks for the help, never been on a steroid inhaler myself. My asthma has always been mild as a adult but it's changed over the last 4 months and 10 days ago I was rushed into hospital as I wasn't getting enough oxygen to my heart, was ok after oxygen. Was told it was caused by my asthma being way out of control. Freaked me out a bit as this is probably what happens to my youngest Son as he collapses with his asthma.I hope you can help, the asthma line was shut.Thanks


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  • Yo Rattles, Ref the pre payment card. I had a similar problem a couple of years ago. Since the I discovered that you can apply on line and pay monthly via direct debit (or is it debt?) at a rough cost of £11.00 per month. I think mine is up for renewal later this month so thank you for prompting me to check it out and get it sorted. The direct debit thingy is great for me especially as last week I had a repeat script for 5 items all regular no urgent relief or anything like a nsaty pred.

  • Ta for that, panic over. Had the wrong flaming card!! when hubby got home he said my card wasn't due for renewal til next year. Was feeling ropey and didn't look at card properly. Will look at the direct debit idea. My hubby gets his yearly as he's on 16 tablets a day and all the meds need renewing at different times.Going to try and keep out of hospital this week, was in twice last week!Thank God we have a neb at home and a hospital 5 mins away.

    Happy Christmas and New Year


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