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Increased and Excessive Mucus production

Hi All,

Just joined up and I see there are some very interesting discussions going on in here so I'd like to add mine in If I may.

Have had asthma all my life but not to the degree that some of you have. Always been fairly well controlled with Becotide, and Ventolin. Recently, In the past 12 months or so, I have been moved on to Seritide. A great drug - my asthma has never been better - I rarely use my ventolin now except if I excercise hard.

However - I now have (in my view) excessive mucus production which cause me to cough and hack until I cough up a small ball of thick some times white, wometimes green mucus. Not only is it a very uncomfortable experience but its rather annoying for those around me.

I have seen a number of doctors both at my local surgery and at the Mnor hospital in Oxford, Hs x-rays, Scans, Blood tests etc all of which have been very inconclsive. In fact i had my last appt on wednesday (18th Juky 07) during hich the doc pretty much said ""its one of those asthma things"". She's ot an asthma spcialist though.

Now I'm not asking for medical advice really - just trying to find out if anyone else out there has had or is having similar symptoms and whether you have been successfully treated for it.

If you have can you let me know what is being/was done about it or whether you can recommend me to a doctor/specialist that may be able to give me a better answer?

Sorry for the very long post - hope you're still reading :-)

I'm very much looking forward to hearing back from anyone

Breathe Easy :-)


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Yea i have the same situation right now, as i have got bronchitis, i have found that ever since my asthma attack last summer after that to i have had bouts of bronchits and mucus built up, right now i am on antibiotics cause its effecting my asthma as i have exessive wheezing which my ventolin doesn't work because of the mucus it does not go to the lungs. I wish i knew how i can treat it but all i can say is to extract the phlegm as much as possible, i don't think their is any possible treatment then steorids from what i was told, which i am not on any. But hopefully we can find something to help it. I have a feeling that the reason it builts up mucus is cause of the excess use of heavy drugs such as the nebs and the predistone i have never been on them as part of my treatment but i received them in the hospital last year which since i have had mucus buildup like crazy which before i never did.


I have a feeling that the reason it builts up mucus is cause of the excess use of heavy drugs""

I have seen reports where people who have used asthma medications for long periods of time use different medication-free techniques to control their asthma and experiences cold-like symptoms and increased mucus and phlegm production as their bodies excrete the accumulated waste products from the use of medications.

A bit of a cleansing thing in short.


I used to cough up mucus every morning although my peak flow was good and had minimal other symptoms. My consultant put me on montelukast (singulair) 10mg at night and this seemed to do the trick.


I know this is an old post but this is exactly the same symptoms as I have now. Thanku for posting


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