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Anyone in this boat?

I know this is a long shot, but I really wonder, is anyone in the same position I am in. I have had pneumonia so many times over the last 2 years and countless other infections on top. It is safe to say that I don't spend longer than a week without another course of antibiotics. Now what I wonder is, does it get any better than this? I have had a CT scan and although it showed areas of inflammation, bronchial thickening and scarring, there was no bronchiectasis or at least no major concerns for it.

I am at that point where I just want things to go back to how they were pre-1st pneumonia in March 2009. I feel as though I never fully recovered from it and then when further infections hit (helped along by pred which I have been on long term for a good long while now) things just got worse and worse. My last spiro was 67% predicted and showed some obstructions, and major improvements from Ventolin, so we got something of a confirmation there at least.

I am not looking for a diagnosis, just maybe someone who is or has been in my shoes here as I am getting frustrated as another infection takes hold.

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This may be a stupid suggestion, but have you had the jab against pneumonia?


I would discuss the vaccines wie ur gp if u not had them either... Secondly. Has gp sent specimens away, infection my be resisstant to antibiotics ur on.... Just some suggestions. Hope they help


Just a note, the pneumonia jab does not protect you from all forms of pneumonia. It protects you against a bug that can cause pnemonia known as pneumococcal, so the jab will not stop you getting pneumonia. Agree with sending of a sputum specimen if it grows anything it will enable doctors to prescribe the exact antibiotics. Chest infecions are often viral which will not respond to antbitics.


Hi 1 winged angel, I have mild bronchiectasis and thickened bronchus shown on CT. I get a lot of infections too but don't grow pseudamonas so won't be given long term low dose antibiotics or IV, nebbed antibiotics . As you've had frequent bouts of pneumonia maybe you should discusd antibiotic therapy wirh your Consultant. My spirometry showed severe obstruction <30% but opened up massively after ventolin too. Hope this helps.


Have had my Pneumonia Vaccine twice now, but as mentioned before, its not a complete protection against all types. Will be discussing some kind of antibiotic therapy though as I keep getting these things and have long forgotten what its like not having a chest infection :(


This sounds very familiar to me, I was constantly ill with chest infections and practically living on oral antibiotics, just couldn't get better. Very frustrating as you say. Are you treated at a specialist lung hospital? My local one told me I didn't have bronchiectasis but as soon as I got to a specialist one, after 18 months of constant illness, they diagnosed it. Since I got on nebbed antibiotics etc I've had very few chest infections & feel fine. I do have pseudomonas but the antibiotics keep it at bay.

But that doesn't mean you've got bronchiectasis, cause there are loads of different lung conditions apart from that. Maybe you should find out where your nearest specialist hospital is and get referred there? They'll get you in, run lots of tests and won't stop til they've got a diagnosis. 2 years is too long to feel ill like this. All the best.


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