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Indigestion - help please

Think indigestion may be a contributory factor to my asthma. On steroids at moment and every time eat I want to burp and my chest feels tighter. Don't get the acid reflux. GP gave me omeprazole once and wonder if it was taken regularly my asthma may improve. Can it be taken regularly? Have always been burper but sometimes more than others. Are over the counter antacids the same strength as omeprazole? I also take alendronic acid and have read on previous posts the two should not be taken at the same time. Someone mentioned peppermint oil but this sounds as it might be less effective. I would be very grateful for your input. Regards.

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Hi carla,

Does the Dr prescribe the 'gastro resist' steroids for you? I have to have these instead of the standard ones or my heartburn is unbearable!! Might be worth checking.


Carla, your doc can prescribe proton pump inhibitors, but an old method worth a try first is a warm glass of water/milk before bed.

hi carla

yes i find this is the same when on oral steriods for poorly controlled asthma symptoms. your gp can advise on the prescribing of omeprazole. usually its not taken at the same time as the steriods as it can reduce the absorption. it can be taken reguarly but again the doc can tell you more as it might be no good if you are on other medications. i had this problem recently as i was taking my steriods at bedtime. my asthma nurse suggested taking them before during the day before 3pm and making sure i had some food first. please consult your GP, even if its just a telephone consult.

take care and hope you feel better soon. xx ><>

Your doctor can prescribe omeprazole to have daily, its often given as a stomach protector when on maintence or more than 5-6 courses of steroids a year. Also if you are on antifungal meds you have to leave a two hour gap between taking the meds as it becomes less effective.

Have been to my GP as not getting any better. Been prescribed omeprazole to try for a month to see if my asthma settles down. If it works he may prescribe it regularly. I would have to have an endoscopy to see if there are no other factors. I really appreciate people taking time to reply to my post! I was also advised by nurse to use the volumatic spacer for seretide as it gets more powder further into lungs. Here's hoping!

Thanks everyone


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