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extra vitamins and minerals update

Not sure how to use the forum so have done a new post to update you on what my cons said regarding taking magnesium. We went through all the recent admissions and current medication then we got onto where to go next. I raised the issue of magnesium always helping me and so got talking about taking a regular dose of that.

Anyway the outcome was that he thinks it is worth taking magnesium daily and has run a blood test to check my levels. The interesting part was he thinks that my calcium and vitamin D might be low also and this can be linked very slightly with asthmatics. He is testing these also, has anyone heard of this?

Thanks Amanda

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Hi Amanda,

After a stay in hospital last year during which I had IV magnesium which worked wonders, I decided to start on a course of over the counter magnesium supplements. They didn't have the same effect as the IV magnesium.

I mentioned this to my consultant and he said the IV magnesium was a different type and I was wasting my time taking the supplement.

I had an stay in hospital and also had IV magnesium which again worked wonders. When I asked for more, they said my levels were fine and too much would be not be good either.

I am taking a calcium and vitamin D3 supplement prescribed by my GP. This is because I have had a lot of Pred over the last year. Only been off it for about 4 weeks.

Long term use of oral steroids can have an effect on your bone density, so I think this is why they prescribe the calcium and D3. I had a bone scan at Xmas because of the amount of steroid I am taking.

Hope this helps.

If in doubt, always talk to your GP or Asthma nurse!!


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