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I was in hospital last week for a lung transplant assessment, I'm mrsa and have been for many years. The co-ordinators sent a prescription to my gp for antibiotics for one last ditch attempt at knocking it on the head. I got Trimethoprim, which I've had previously and Rifampicin which I've never had, know nothing about and thought it was a TB type drug. I didn't even know Rifampicin was used in mrsa, is Rifampicin even used in mrsa? Anybody have any experience with it? I heard it can turn waterworks pink but there isn’t even an information leaflet with them!

thanks tks x

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I think I had rifampicin many years ago for MRSA.

The BNF says it treats Staph type infections so probably works for MRSA , along with all sort of other bacterial infections like Leprosy, brucellosis, meningitis, TB etc.

Apart from pink wee it will discolour contact lense

I think a combo of all sorts of anti bs should help to try to clobber it!

Take care





Hi there,

I recently had both of the antib's at some time to eradicate mrsa, and as others have said apart from changes in colour or waterworks (mine were bright orange) i was just very nausiated. They did work and were worth it.

hope it works for you too



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