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Not Well :(

I used to post on here a lot but I forgot my password and I didnt get round to resetting it!

Anyway, I am on Prednisolone 30 mg maintenance dose, Atrovent inhaler 4 puffs twice a day, Salbutamol 4 puffs 4 times a day, Seretide 250 2 puffs four times a day and Singulair 10 mg nightly.

My asthma is poorly controlled and my GP is arranging a loan of a home nebuliser.

Ive got a chest infection which just isnt going away at all. Ive had 4 different anti-biotics but nope its not cleared up!

I saw a paediatric chest cons last january and that was my last out patient contact. I was due to be seen by an adult cons in May 2006 but no appointments have materialised since constantly being rearranged so when I am admitted into hospital the drs think I am going to be seen soon only for my appts to be rearranged! So my appointment is now for august 2007.

So much has changed since my last appointment, at admissions my drs thought I might have brittle asthma but this hasnt been investigated further.

I am frequently on rescue pred courses of 60mg and while I am waiting for a nebuliser I end up in the treatment room having nebs on a weekly basis. My schoolwork has suffered greatly I have had to pretty much take a gap year and I am going back to my A Levels in September full time.

My optimal peak flow should be 420

My best over the last 6 weeks is 240

At worst PF is 100.

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Dear Simi

sorry to read you have been so unwell latly, I know pk fl of 240 leaves you feeling very ill.

do remember asthma can become less of a problem in your life, I was very ill at school, but since has been much less of a problem, for me it was about letting myself choose things that suited me, I drink much more orange juice and tea than I did as a kid (and chocolate for that matter!)

Do you have a sense of what makes your asthma worse? I know cold air makes me very bad, and won't stay in a room without any heat now, I even leave a little heating on over night in the coldest weather.

do hope your chest infection clears up soon, and all the best with your plans


Thank you.

I just cant seem to shake the chest infection Ive been all types of anti-biotics from amoxycillin, augmentin etc.

I know that hayfever really triggers it off badly and so does nuts and coconut.

Also sudden changes in temperature.

Im going to see my GP tomorrow and see what she says. :)


Hi Simi, just wondering if your feeling any stronger?

all the best


still feeling quite ill, my GP put me on Cefelexin anti-biotics cos Ive been bringing up blood too and prednisolone increased to 40 mg. And I had a neb before I went home.


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