Fluid on lungs

Hiya all,

got my results this morning: xray shows fluid on lungs, still only 60% lung function and decreased air entry. Have had a chest infection since Xmas but kept on working, stubborn as I am:-/

Well doc ordered me to strictly rest for a week from today or I could end up in hospital(no thanks!)

On 30mg pred for an unforeseeable time and another strong course of antibiotics along with the usual tablets and inhalers.

Has anyone had fluids on lungs and know how quick it goes and what if there's no difference in symptoms(shortness of breath, chest pains, coughing, attacks) until doc wants to see me again next week?

Hope you're all well,

love Lydia xx

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  • Hi Lydia

    I have no advice to offer you at all (sorry) just sympathy! I sincerely hope you feel a lot better soon xxx

  • hi

    if pain and breathing bad could be the infection as I also was in hosp but mine was a clot on lungs happend 3 times last year.Do you cough anything up? love Glynis xxx

  • Been coughing up phlegm for last 15yrs but more since chest infection. Was dark yellow/little green at first but just thick and little yellow now. Do blood clots show up on xray?

    Love Lydia x

  • lydia

    Also might help sleep on side to help drain lungs.think left side as right alittle bigger,think that was it.Someone colud tell you different.lol Glynis xxx

  • Thanx glynis,

    yes, been doing that. Can't sleep on my back anyway. Turning from one side to another automatically;-) self drainage during sleep, what more can one want? Lol xx

  • Well, had an attack during the night and one early this morning but luckily got it sorted pretty quickly. Been resting all day feeling worn out with all the meds but what can I do? :-( this is only my 2nd day on the sick and I'm as sick as a pig already, feeling guilty etc.

    Roll on better times:-/

    love Lydia x

  • HI Lidya,

    Try stay happy.

    3 RD Week off and 3 more off to come but pc back now so thats good.

    One thing ive learnt the hard way is you are only a number at work and dont think any better of you when off sick.

    I Begged the hospital put my cast on in 7 week holls and then only 4 weeks off instead of 3 months off.

    They sent me OH even though gave up my holliday for them with cast on and stuck bloody in and not out having fun.And also had a stay in hosp with cast on for breathing probs that was all I needed.

    So as i am sick at the mo ,work can go do one till im better xxxx

  • Just nearly hitting 5 months on the dreaded sick. Hit low times. Especially when I thought I was getting back to work only to get unwell again. Wot kept me going was finding this site to bounce off when low and give some support back when well. I won't say wot I've done the most ha ha ha. Just had to say will get back to work when ready and not before. Try and find things to

    keep me busy when bored

  • Thank you both. Mmmm I know I shouldn't grumble on my 2nd day off but I have ADHD, so usually constantly on the go and feeling caged in now lol.

    Might go for a little walk tomorrow in the woods where nobody can see me or even swing from tree to tree like tarzan? Lol

    I'm so glad to have you guys here! Don't know what to do without you!!

    Thanks for listening everyone.

    Big hugs

    Lydia xx

    ps. Yes glynis we're all just a number:-( bit worried about the sick pay as it's rubbish!

  • One way of passing time was going into town having a large hot chocolate with marsh mallows( need some perks for prednisolone) and watch Joe public stroll past. In Glasgow there some amazing sites to see.... Hope things settle soon for you Lydia

  • there is a proper medical term for this, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bronc...

    BTW Lydia, could try swinging upside down from the trees, may help the fluid to naturally drain lol!

  • @gussypoo: never been to Glasgow yet but loved Scotland(camping in summer 08). Went to edinburgh, st.andrews, avimore, inverness. Fell in love with the highlands.

    Will be going back soon.

    I'm usually a chocaholic but preds make me have to forcefeed mys

  • Re: sick pay

    I broke a leg while a temp. I had the minimum sick pay at a time when the Had an Accident? Claims Direct et al, started advertising. So infuriating to be stuck at home and knowing there was no-one really to blame but me. Maybe I should have claimed the hospital in whose carpark I fell, for daring to have a small grass slope at the edge of their carpark that some mutt - me - might fall on. Not thinking, I signed the disclaimer form from them.

  • Hi grannymo,

    yeah you should have claimed from hospital but I know what it's like when not thinking straight.

    I might as well not get paid at all, minimum sick pay is disgustingly low!! Getting less than someone on jobseekers allowance and I'm usually working my bum off:-(

    That is supposed to make me ""rest and relax"" for 10 days?? At least I save money on petrol and food as not hungry and not going anywhere haha...

    It's not fair us lot with asthma can't claim for sickness like people who have an accident?!

    Free prescriptions and better sick pay for asthmatics please!

    How can people cope financially when in the sick for months I wonder?

    Relax, chill out, better times to come lol.

    Love Lydia x

    ps. Sorry about this, just so annoyed :-(

  • Ps.

    And if I have to take the insomnia causing steroids much longer I'm gonna rip my lungs out :-( xx

  • :) not sure how helpfull ripping out your lungs would be lol hope youve cheered up a bit and get some sleep etc. x

  • HI Lydia

    I have trouble sleeping with asthma and now dizzy and loud tinitus in both ears.

    Son got me a pillow that you connect to ipod,mp3,radio.I put it on low and only I can hear it unless wanted it louder.

    Never have thought to get one as never seen any,so was a nice suprise and realised how much sleep i was missing out on.

    love Glynis xxxxx

  • The pillow sounds great don't know how many times I've woken up with headphones cable wrapped round me or maybe it's the wife is trying to claim the life insurance or stop my snoring Ha ha ha. A good night sleep would be nice tho

  • Managed 4hrs sleep last night...the never ending story I think...

    That pillow sounds great! Where is it best to get one from? Love Lydia x

  • Tommorrow is my 1st day back at work.... So looking forward to it. Just hoping the antibiotics kick in. Got the start of a chest infection.... keep the chin up Lydia not long til ur back aswell.

  • Hi gussypoo,

    have a great day back at work tomorrow:-)

    can't believe we're actually longing to get back lol

    My manageress just rang me and asked how I was and if I wanted to go back to work next week and if I'd manage all the hours?! Never thought they'd bother so it was quite nice to know they do.

    I said yes, will see what doc has to say on Friday...

    Not having a good day today but can only get better.

    I hope the antibiotics will kick in soon and that your chest infection will go away asap!

    Let us know how you got on at work tomorrow. Good luck:-)

    love Lydia x

  • Lydia,

    We bought our mp3/i-Pod pillows from Argos, year or so back. I've just checked, they still do them.


  • Lydia,

    So the swinging upside down, your top falling off and getting your foot entangled with the rope didn't help, drat...bit two nippy without your top, but PMSL at seeing you swing upside down hehe. Think ripping your lungs out sounds a good idea, with only one slight downfall........how do you breath at all, hehe!

    If ya canny 'ave a laugh, may as well be dead.

    Take care, hope u sleep better soon.

    luv and hugs Chris x

  • Thanks grannymo, just looked it up on argos website and I think for that price I can't go wrong anyway;-) Might get it tomorrow if I feel up to it.xx

    woody-som, you do make me laugh lol! Laughing about myself now trying to picture that imaginable swinging session;-) despite the fact I haven't had a good day today I went to my church group(bible studying) because it distracts me and gives me a positive boost for the week:-)

    so, yes I'll try to keep on laughing. Xx

    On another note: I'm still feeling breathless(when just walking around and never stopped caughing since last night, chest pains are really bad now:-(

    I know it's the fluid in lungs but does anyone know what will happen in case symptoms are still not satisfactory when I see my gp again on Friday?

    Hope all the meds will sort it out soon or that swinging idea will have to become reality, and NO, woody, I won't put it on YouTube lol ;-)

    thanks for all your support and good ideas.

    Love Lydia xx

  • had a great day at work tho the clarkess might disagree as i drove her nuts wie prctical jokes... great to see a lot of friends and having diferent conversations.... get well soon lydia just think of the mess you will make of the carpet ripping tho lungs out,,,,maybe woody will clean it up if u post u swinging from the tree on u tube....

  • well I was thinking Lydia would be swinging upside down and then ripping her lungs out in the woods, can still post on U tube though.

  • Pmsl dunno what to say anymore. I should keep my big mouth shut in future;-)

    well, woody think we've got a deal there: if my lungs still playing up by Sunday you're on! Lol

    gussypoo, yes woody will have to clean everything up and clear the evidence.

    Love Lydia xx

  • Lydia, please don't rip your lungs out, apart from the big hole in your chest you'll bleed to death, then how can we have some fun lol! luv & hugs chris xox

  • Ok ok I won't then lol ;-) can't leave you with the mess anyway can I?

    You know what? I'm so glad I found this webpage. It feels as if I've know some of you for ages :-)

    thanx for the laugh xxx

  • When do u get back to work now Lydia..... Mind and take it easy when u do. My asthma was really bad at Xmas couldn't even walk and was determined to finish off my Xmas shopping. My wife only agreed to take me if I used the mobility shopping scooter. Wot a laff we had. I only got a wonky one with a flat battery that rolled back all the time. My wife said I was Lou from little Britain shouting for a push to get it started....

  • Hi lou ;-)

    wish I could have seen you in that scooter ;-)

    Must have been a good laugh lol.

    Yeah, this chest infection has been lingering since Xmas too. Gp reckons it developed into pneumonia that is the cause if the fluid build up now. I'm an awful patient so just carried on working. Mmmm... not so clever.

    Just went out for some fresh air with a friend but had to give up after a few mins. So short of breath and coughing all the time. How old am I, 120? Lol

    Seeing gp on fri morn but I have a feeling he won't let me go back to work this week. Didn't promise it anyway.

    How are you doing guss?

    Love Lydia xx

  • Update

    Hiya all,

    have just come back from gp, bit happier with me but not sending me back to work until wednesday next week. Still decreased airflow but shortness of breath and pains are improving:-)

    Another xray to check if fluids have gone soon.

    Cant wait to get back to normal soon!

    Hope you're all well.

    Love Lydia xx

  • Well that's another step in the right direction. Just think wie all those xrays u must b glowing in the dark now !!!!!!!! Think of the electricity ur saving ur carbon footprint will b 0 ..... ha ha ha ha ha

  • So pleased that you are on the road to recovery! Hope you continue to improve xx

  • Thanx you two,

    I can't believe how much I'm missing work!! Lol

    Makes one feel quite isolated when at home...

    Guss, what are you like?? ;-) can't stop laughing, glowing in the dark rofl

    So glad to have you guys:-)

    love Lydia x

  • If Lydia is now a little nuclear reactor, just think if we could attach two clamps and some cable somewhere on her (hehe) free heating, now where can we attach those clamps ?

  • Hey woody!! Those clamps will go on my big two toes I hope lol;-) I wish I was a nuclear reactor then at least it would save me a bomb in lec money;-)

    on the other hand the whole street would clamp me and I'd never be able to get back to work?!

    I could sit you on your bike(free standing) in my living room, clamp you and you could pedal for some heat if you really loved me;-) you'd also exercise so even better for you? Lol xx

  • Oooohhhh Lydia watch those clamps don't chip the nail polish on the toe nails..... U been to the chippy yet!!!!!

  • lydia, wasn't thinking that low for the clamps lol!

    can ride the bike indoors, have turbo trainer, but Tacx do a new one, mega cool and uses electric to brake but you also generate electricity that gets returned to the house to use at the same time, help with the heating bill, or at least the computer that you hook the lot upto and watch the DVD and readout on, real high tech stuff.

  • Woody and guss, you two are sooo cheeky lol;-)

    guss, how did you know I have nail polish on my toe nails? Lol and no, can't go to any chippies in the uk as they all banned me for life! ;-) got a bad crb on that one lol;-)

    woody, I'd really like to know where else you'd like to attach those clamps? Lol

    btw, why are men so interested in combining women and electricity?? I wonder now why I always used to be the guinea pig at physio-technique at uni. Mmmm...still alive though haha;-)


  • Those clamps can be painful on the ear lobes woody. U mite want to select somewhere else.

  • guss, now you'll have to make a suggestion on where those clamps could go, little innocent ol' me can't think of anywhere else pmsl!

  • Mite have a video that will gie u diy tips.

  • Hope u had fun at work .... No moaning aboout work now that ur back Lydia

  • Well, loved my 1st day back at work! Great seing everyone again but was really shattered after a few hours. I'm not moaning, just have to get my strength back. See what doc has to say in friday... Lol hope you're all well.

    Love Lydia xx

    ps. Wordy & guss: dunno where to attach clamps. Please enlighten me lol ...not! ;-)

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