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Pneumonia/Asthma/Undiagnosed and confused

Evening all,

Right a bit of background:

Im Laura, 22 yrs old. Used to smoke for about 4/5 years, gave up nearly a year ago. Got pneumonia in June last year. Was referred to the Infectious Diseases department of the hospital as they thought it was TB. Had a chest X-Ray that showed a shadow in my lungs. I was referred there after 4 different courses of antibiotics. I get chest infections every year without fail, usually around the autumn time as soon as it starts getting damp. I was given yet more antibiotics for the pneumonia, several blood tests and further x-rays. It went but i still remained very breathless and it kept coming back every couple of weeks. Last year I had between 13/14 weeks of antibiotics for chest infections. They are still looking into whether I have bronchiectasis - but they are reluctant to do a CT due to the fact ""i am young and they emit a lot of radiation"". II was on a nasal spray for a little while to see if i had a nasal drip, which I did not .In december last year I got a heart flutter/murmer and I was sent to A&E, as they thought I had a heart infection. I had several inconclusive tests done and was again referred back to the infectious diseases department for follow up as i had yet another chest infection. It might also be worth mentioning that when i breathe in deeply i get a crucifying pain in the middle of my chest and over my left lung. This was before the pneumonia, but i still get it now and it is crippling.


I had an appointment where they said that I need to be measuring my peak flow. I havent been formally diagnosed with asthma so to speak, just told that I have it. I had a lung function test done not so long back that concluded that I did not respond to bronchi-dilators and that I had early symptoms of COPD/emphasema. The lady I saw today has told me to take my inhalers (becotide/ventolin) and that she is now referring me to the respiratory medicine department, as they do not know how to treat me further.

I am baffled as to what to do next and what to think. The Dr said that I probably have scar tissue in my lungs for one severe infection, but that cannot now be reversed. It is only a matter of time before another chest infection strikes, and i have no desire to be put on any more anti biotics as my body just cannot tollerate them anymore.

Can anyone advise on what i should be asking or doing to try and get to the bottom of whatever might be wrong with me? I seem to be being batted from one Dr to another, my GP has even chipped in saying that after a month of using the peak flow meter i should go back and see him!

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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From one undiagnosed to another

My story is not the same as yours it came out of the blue Xmas day so only had weeks to take things in. I too am waiting to see if i have Asthma the specialist can see mild bronchiectasis on my CT scan and emphasema has also been mentioned.

Luckly i have been followed up after my admission and seen the specialist.

I already use a peak flow and have found this to be a way of understanding what is going on [see a peak flow thread someone put up before].

I am due a Bronchoscopy as they dont want to do another CT Scan yet, a lung function test and a turn on the treadmill.

I have found others here to be very supportive and are helping me through this difficult time i am sure you will find the same.

hope you feel better soon and keep me updated on how it goes.

Take care

H Mama


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