Which Nebuliser?

Can anyone give me some advice on buying a portable neb machine?

I am starting uni on monday and dont really want to be lugging my big machine and matching accessories around all day! They have a locker for me but if i have an emergency im not going to be able to get it in time, so i asked cons if it would be worth buying a portable one and she said yes especially as i could prob neb in my lectures without making too much of a fuss or having to leave lectures to neb elsewhere.

So please could anyone recommend any to me and any websites or suppliers.

Thanks in advance.


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  • Omron U22, from medisave.co.uk

    Pricey but definitely worth it - extremely quiet and very portable.

  • I agree with cath this is my 3rd potable and by far the best the only one i dont mind using in public as silent, well worth the money. shop around as various online stores have dealson

    andrea xxx

  • Thanks for the replies

    I have now purchased and Omron U22 and it should arrive tomorrow.

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