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Tight Chest and Painful upper arms

I have been very tight chested as late and having to take a lot more of my blue inhaler I not sure but I think it may be the weather. I have also had some noisey whistlely breathing these last few nights.

I am going to see the doctor tomorrow afternoon to ask him if I can have some nebules for my nebulizer, so I can have them if my inhaler is not helping or if I am not well with chest infection.

I am currently taking Seretide 250, Salbutamol Breath actuated Inhaler, Montelukast Tablets and other medication for my hayfever. I have being finding the my upper arms are very painful to touch and painful when I hold them out in front of me. Could this be due to the Seretide? I don't know what other medication I can take if it is the Seretide!


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Hi Sparkyrachel,

Sorry you've not been feeling so good. I take Seretide as well - haven't experienced painful arms but it does give me cramp quite often in my feet and legs. I've been advised to eat bananas as this is meant to help! Something to do with potassium apparently. Anyway, hope appointment goes well tomorrow and you're feeling better soon.

Take care,

Shy1. xx


Tight Chest and Painful upper arms

I went to the doctors on Friday 22nd July to speak to him about my arms which are painful and buised and hurting quite a lot. So he has suggested a full blood test to check everything is alright with my bloods, I am going for my blood test this Friday.

He said that he would look at my blood test results before he looks at my medication. My current medication is: Salbutamol Breath - Actuated Inhaler, Seretide 250 Inhaler, Montelukast Sodium Tablets 10mg, Loratadine Tablets 10mg, Mometasone Furoate Nasal Spray, Sodium Cromoglicate Eye Drops When my peak flow is below 300 I start 40mg of Prednislone. I am also taking Epilm Choro 200mg and 500mg.

I still get quite a lot of asthma symtoms tight chest, shortness of breath and still have a nightime cough sometimes. I also wake up for my reliever on average 3 -4 nights a week.

The doctor is thinking about changing some of my asthma medication, but I do not know what to.

Any ideas?

Has anyone else found their asthma to be worse this year?



indeed rachel!!

for the last 18 months i have spiralled downwards, but certainly moreso the last 6 months, constantly in/out costa - in fact more in than out!

weather and pollen biggest factor along with perfume sadly :S among other triggers...

hope all your blood work comes okay and your symptoms improve.

for hayfever i take telfast twice a day (only recommended once daily but consultant approval twice) as well as flixonase nasal spray and then piriton when needed, find they help...

x x x



the cramping u speak of is due to low potassium yes, but caused by using excessive salbutamol/ ventolin inhaler and not the seretide inhaler or other inhalers.

this is common side effect, but can indeed be relieved by eating bananas ;)



I've been worse this year since colds/flu at Christmas and sinusitis since. Have had several courses pred. Found I bruise easily esp since increasing Seretide Accuhaler to max. dose. How often are you taking yours? Have had blood tests and all clear including potassium so just have to manage cramps in esp. feet and also hands. Have you had a referral yet for asthma? I take it your GP does not want to prescribe nebules? They are usually given these days if and out of hospital a lot to help if sudden/severe attacks?


I get the painful upper-arms thing. For me it's a sign that things are about to go very wrong - my asthma nurse is great in understanding what I mean but most docs don't get it and think I've got the flu or pulled a muscle or something. It is a fluey like muscle achyness for me but not accompanied by other flu symptoms - I know now what my body it trying to tell me when I get it. I've found it really useful to keep a note of these 'odd' symptoms and how my asthma is as it's helped me build up a fuller picture of warning signs to look out for.

Obviously if the asthma is troubling you you should be seeing someone medical, but for relief of the arm pains I find hot water bottles and curling up ander a blanket helps a little.

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