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work and asthma

My asthma is really playing up at work at the moment I am getting really short of breath and I am suffering with a tight chest quite a lot of the time. I work with a lot of students with challenging behaviour and they are young people with special needs. I have a student who likes to run out of classroom and run around the college, I have to run after him at times which is making me really breathless. The tight chest and shortness of breath is making me really tired with no energy.

I have listed all my medications below:

Salbutamol Breath - Actuated Inhaler, Seretide 250 Inhaler, Montelukast Sodium Tablets 10mg, Loratadine Tablets 10mg, Mometasone Furoate Nasal Spray, Sodium Cromoglicate Eye Drops When my peak flow is below 300 I start 40mg of Prednislone.

I really enjoy my work and I want to keep working with the students with challenging behaviour. But sometimes when I have been running after the student who likes to run out of the classroom I have run out without taking my inhaler with me.

Today I went running after the student without taking my inhaler with me. I got to bottom of the stairs I was feeling very breathless and I was unable to explain what was happening in the classroom as I was out of breath.

I managed to get back to my inhaler and take it. But if the student had run further I may not have been able to get to my inhaler. I am really worried about having a bad attack at work and ambulance having to be called having to go to hospital, as I am scared of them.

I have been to hospital with my asthma and I found it really scary.

I am not sure if the doctor can give me anything to help me, but I may have to make an appointment to talk to him.

any comment much appreciated.


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Hi Sparkyrachel,

I also work with students with challenging behaviour, fortunately when my asthma went out of control last year I was working nights which is less physical. I always have my inhaler in my pocket at work when my asthma is going through a poorly controlled stage.

I would definitely go and see your GP, if he doesn't want to add anything on, he can refer you. (You may need to ask him to). I would act now and hopefully prevent a hospital trip for you.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Jac xx


Hi Sparky, Always carry an inhaler - make sure you are wearing something with a pocket so you can carry one. Make an appointment with GP and explain what's happening - there are other meds that can be added in so dont think there's nothing more that can be done.


Always have an inhaler on you. Make sure you are wearing something with a pocket so you can carry one. Also, go back to GP and explain what's happening. There are other meds that can be added in so dont think nothing more can be done, or as Jac says, you could be referred.


Hi, I will be returning to work on Monday after 3 weeks off sick. This is my second sickness since April when I had 5 weeks off. I work on a hospital ward and some off the nurses have not been very nice saying I am having to much time off. On both occasions I was whisked away in an ambulance and hospitalised. I am nervous enough about going back to work without all this nastiness. My manager is aware of my history.

Any advice about how to deal with this would be appreciated.


Lisa x


My work don't understand . The other day someone said i couldn't have asthma as i was laughing on the phone . I'm just so confused and don't know how to approach the person who said this .


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