Is this asthma?

I seem tot be having a rough time and starting to wonder if its my asthma or something else going on. I was dianagnosed with asthma in December 2008 after what appeared to be an asthma attack after months of having similiar eposodes but having a itchy rash. In May 2009 I was diagnosed with VCD.

I seem to be still having attacks of SOB tight chest and a wheeze heard on my chest. MY VCD is more a coughing fit.

I generally dont respond to nebs alone when ill and tend to need Mag and Amiliophylline. I have been intubated in ITU and been on CPAP. My SATS tend to be generally ok although they do drop and pick up...

Everyday I get out of breath easily and have a dry horse cough with ocassional productive cough. I dont have a wheeze unless I am ill. My normal peak flow is around 400 (best 550). It is worse at night and when exercising.

I have tries symibcort becotide zafuleukast montalucast. Now on sertide and antihistamines and Lansprozole. But still using my salbutamol about 4 times a day. I am in hopsital about every 5 weeks. and distrups my life.

Tests have shown a normal lung function... no allergies shown on testing.... only a small reaction on histamine challenge test..... but I have high total IgE and high eosinophils level. Crp is usually around 15 when I have an attack.

Any ideas if this sounds like asthma or some other problem?

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  • Sounds similar symptoms...... My sats never dip below 95%. Tho cough evident never productive. Having flare ups every couple of weeks tho just managing to avoid admissions when I do get admitted mag sulphate and iv hydrocortiscone peak flo only 250 to 300 despite high doses of steriod. Tight chest shortness of breath and excercise intolerance. I definately have asthma tho like most have little things that just doesn't fit with the classical signs... Have you had a reversable lung function test. This usually reInforces or dismisses diagnosis of asthma

  • yeah there was a little improvment but its always been done when I am well. I know at home after a neb my peak flow does improve allot. In hospital post neb can be 150 difference sometimes.

    Exhaled Nitric Oxide level is low

    When I go into hospital they do treat as asthma and I do get better but Myconsultant dosnt usually get the medical side of things as they dont communicate very well.

    Feel like I am going against a brick wall!

  • I know the brick wall feeling. I've been there told about changes in asthma and treatments and no time for questions or explanations. Wasn't til I got talking to respiratory nurse that I got answers. Wot they didn't know they found out. Acted as a go between respiratory dr and general medical dr. Nxt time ur in hospital ask to speak to one can't recommend how good they are

  • My asthma nurse at the GP wont touch any of my medication.. she already said waste of time me seeing her about my asthma (same with GP) Was orginally referred to see the asthma clinical nurse specialist at Heartlands then after she tried a few drugs didnt know what to do with me so sent me to the consultant... who thinks its more the VCD but I know it isnt symptoms are different and I can control it myself before it gets severe enough to need hospital and therfore not trying anything new

  • I'm sorry but don't know much about vcd. Wish I could give you further advice Tho ur symptoms are similar to mine. My Asthma under care of hospital service like you gp and practice nurse say asthma beyond their management

  • I know my VCD and my hospitial admissions havent been due to that the wheeze is in the chest not in the troat.... but Drs dont bother listening to that.

    I recieved a letter with there plan... inpatient admission for bronc and challenge tests whilst medication free. I am worried that they wont find anything send me home on no preventive medication and will be back in twice a week (what I was before asthma meds were considered) or even worse in ITU.

    The blood tests show some allergic imflamtion process that I been looking what else could it be and didnt like what Dr google came up with....

  • Is ur neutrophils up. Mine was up also present in sputum. I'm now presenting as neutrophillic asthma with bronchiecstasis. Looks like your dr trying to get to the bottom of things. Sure they will discuss all results and options with you before changing medications or discharging you. I know it's hard but try and think of the positive outcomes.

  • It is slightly raised....

    I know my IgE is too high for Xoair

    I just want to get it controlled before I start uni I dont want to a reputation in the hospital I will be working in already have one at my local! I am thinking of when I go will be easier to get into London than Brum from uni so might change consultants to Bromptoin

  • Take it ur going to start nurse training. I did my training. I'm qualified in mental health and paediatrics. During my training I had to watch stress levels. As this was a trigger for me. Thankfully didn't have any problems with asthma. It was the social life thatwore me out ha ha ja

  • Take it ur going to start nurse training. I did my training. I'm qualified in mental health and paediatrics. During my training I had to watch stress levels. As this was a trigger for me. Thankfully didn't have any problems with asthma. It was the social life thatwore me out ha ha ja

  • I am doing Child..... I spoke to the Disabilty people at uni already and going to get a bus pass (accomadation off campus) and lecture notes before hand and room on ground floor near the warden.

    GP will be on campus... stress isnt a problem for me its more when I am tired I am more prone. I dont plan to be involved much in the drinking social seen I done that already with bad consquences!

    Just worried I will be in hospital and unable to attend lectures get ill miss too many hours placement or be signed as unfit.

  • This sounds very familiar I have been and had the same treatment I am also ok when I do not have a virus or a cold then I get very poorly in as many minutes it is annoying especially when I am immune suppressed I have had my inhalers changed loads but go won't prescribe the dosage of steroids which the hospital doctors have asked them to give so I have lots of problems

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