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Dairy free

I have had asthma for over 50 years. 2 years ago on a whim I had allergy tests carried out by an alternative therapist. i was told that I was 'intolerant' of anything containing dairy products, banana's and fish! I already knew that I was allergic to fish and had kept this from the therapist. Since that day I have avoided 'dairy', banana's and of course fish. I use goat's milk and cheese and some soya products such as the alpro yoghurts in my diet. It has been miraculous for me. I never need to use my Salbutamol inhaler unless I am exerting myself in exercise but have continued to used my steroid inhaler twice daily. If only I had known about being 'dairy' intolerant all those years ago, my life would have been totally different. I just wanted to share this experience with the forum.

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that's great that it worked for you :o)

Em x


Heya! i'm dairy free too, i find that if i avoid it, you get less thick mucus and coughing?!?!?! anyone else find that?


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