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Asthma and homeopathy

Hi,I am reading lots of peoples asking about remedy so that any how we can get some relief from this disease.I am practising since 19 years,I have seen most of the cases of asthmatic patients are wonderfully recovered by homeopathic medicines,I can't understand why few patients are taking steroids heavily,even children,it is so harmful,day by day immunity power gets down and down.eventually,getting frequent attacks of asthma .

I would like to share my story about turning towards these medicines.After graduation in homeopathy,I had join allopathic general hospital in my town in India.Once senior wellknown physician asked me to see his wife who was suffering very seriously,taking steroids and injectable deriphyllin,but little relief.Doc told me to try homeopathy medicines as he had came to know that homeopathy it works good in allergic asthma.I was not confident as well as not well experienced so I told that it would't help but he insisted me to try atleast.I started and after seeing good recovery I totally turned into homeopathy,then I never look back,even today many patients who were living in shell with medicines,are living and enjoying without medicines all the time.so I think that atleast you all should try especialy when you are on steroids and having very low resistance to allergen.Take care.Dr.Rohini.

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This makes me really really cross.

Firstly your post is almost impossible to read. Although maybe that's a good thing.

Please do not insult our intelligence by suggesting that by following a route of traditional medicine we are failing to address our asthma issues.

1. Homeopathy does NOT suit everyone.

2. If homeopathy was some kind of flipping miracle asthma cure then no-one would suffer with asthma because we would all be cured.

3. you do not offer any actual evidence to support your claims.

4. Many people on these boards are alive and only able to do as much as they can thanks to high therapeutic levels of medication....and yes I am including steroids in that.

5. Please stop demonising steroids....it is inaccurate and can be frightening to readers who do not have the knowledge base to see through your post.

6. You sign yourself as Doctor. Is that a medical doctor? Or a Doctor of homeopathy?

Really - I'm actually not sorry if my post offends you....your post has offended me DEEPLY and made me very angry.


Thank You Fee.

Sometimes a few paragraphs help also.

I'll stick to the drugs. I know they work. And for most people steroids are a short sharp burst to get back on an even keel.

Common misconception of course being that they are the same as weight lifters take to enhance their muscles etc. THEY ARE NOT.

OK I'll get off my soap box now too.

Geina x


Well said Fee!↲

Glad it helps you though Pandya and others.


I agree with everything feejay said!

But I also have experience of trying homeopathy, and I tried it extensively for nearly a year and it made no differnce to my asthma at all !!, i was not able ro reduce my inahailers or steroids and to be honest if I followed their advice and took ONLY my ""emergency"" ones that they advised me to do, when my asthma goes off on one I would be dead FACT !!, so I am glad I had the knowledge and common sense to take that advice with a pinch of salt !

People slate steroids and yes they do have complications, they are not ideal but my consultant said to me a long time ago when I was worried about the long term effects that

"" I could either LIVE with the side effects of them and be alive to moan about it, or DIE without them, my choice ""



I was about to point out that any self respecting practitsoner (sp!?) would start working out what triggers etc were with you actually ON your meds and never tell you to just stop taking them.

I'm all for alternative/complementary therapies if they work for you all well and good. But don't advise poepld you don't know anything about to do something that may in teh end kill them

Geina x


Feejay I back you all the way, I have actually tried homoeopathy, and was told by the practitioner, that I should in no way attempt to give up my oral steriods, and use this alternative medicine as a complementarity support system, and also fully encouraged me to honest with my NHS doctors about using homoeopathy. To which I did. The homoeopathy practitioner I used, was a well known and respected person in his area of expertise, and well qualified. I trusted him because of his honesty, his qualification and his expectations for my case and treatment. Sadly after six weeks we both agreed that there had been no initial success with easing my Asthma and so I decided to call it a day. I have no regrets because the same practitioner was able to help me with other health problems. For me homoeopathy was not the right treatment for my Asthma, though the same practitioner was able to improve my sister's Asthma a lot, though she was by no means as severe as mine.

Not everyone is the same, and regardless of whether you use homoepathy, inhalered steriods, oral steriods or other treatments of Asthma, many of us find that whilst we have the same conditions we often react differently to treatments available, because we are all individuals. So homeopathy is a possible complementary treatment for some, but not everyone.

For many of us oral steriods have been our life line, and without them we probably wouldn't be here reading your post or like me replying to it. It is hard enough living with a disease that has a major impact of our lives without be criticised for using something that keeps us alive.

Pandya I am pleased that you find great relief from Homeopathy, you claim to be a doctor, if you are medically qualified doctor with a full medical degree, you should then recognise thatnot all patients react to forms of treatment in the same way. If that was the case, there would only be one treatment available for Asthma not many.


Homeopathy & my Asthma

I was referred by my GP, yes referred & funded by my GP to see a very experienced & well known expert in Homeopathy.

Firstly he said I had Inflammation & probably a fungal infection. Well, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out when youve been on my medication! I was to clense my system & deal with the Fungal infection, then I would improve.

Well, I like to look at everything with an open mind in life so I continued with the consultation. I was to be tested on a special machine to see what i was Allergic to. This, I was very interested in as my Asthma was supposed to be purely related to Allergy. The test were done & I even helpfully suggested some things that I thought I was Allergic to. Well, the good news was... I wasn't Allergic to anything! Nothing! Nil! Zero! Hurrah!

Sadly I was Allergy tested (prick tested & Blood tested) by my Specialist consultant at Southampton 2 days later & they told a rather different story. Shall I list the Allergies??!! Oh & the result of a histamine challenge too!

Im sure there is a place for Homeopathy but as people have stated here already, it certainly doesn't work for everyone.Im sure qualified doctors & consultants would be horrified if you were to give up medication in favour of it. I know I wouldn't be here, as remember, Im not really Allergic to anything!


The original post has caused some controversy, the MODS have just been pm to this person's stance on Homeopathy and our concerns. Please give them time to sort it out. Thank you and please be patient.



This doctor practises in India. Just as an aside I wonder how common asthma is in India as compared to western countries? S/he is right in saying that steroids lower the immunity system (no one doubts that) but they remain a vital part of asthma treatment. There are side effects (I have many of them) but they are preferrable to hardly being able to breathe!

I would say to pandya thank you for your interest and for going to the trouble of posting, but the medical profession in this country would not agree with your criticism of steroids or your claim that homeopathy cures asthma (I wish it did).


I am all for people sharing advice, experiences and theories on here but the tone of th original post is not got and the poster seems to have irate experience of asthma in the country. Maybe the 'broken English' doesn't help but in its current context it is neither helpful or constructive.



Moderator Posting

I think most sensible people have already said what I would say anyway; by all means consider homeopathy or other complementary therapies, but please don't be put off taking your usual medications, and discuss it with your own doctor/asthma nurse first.

I hate to quell this kind of post in the interests of free speech, and all that, as some people have tried alternative therapies and found them helpful; however it would be useful, as alluded to below, to see some actual evidence rather than just anecdotes.




Thanks Cathbear, you got here before me at the end of a rather long day and to others that have sent messages.

As others have said, homeopathy has its place as a complementary treatment but not to replace conventional medicine. It is used alongside and in some areas is part of the NHS for example homeopathic hospitals. Unfortunately, there are serious consequences of homeopathy (and similar) alone in ‘treating’ serious medical conditions which healthcare professionals may then have to deal with.

Asthma UK has further details under Home > All about asthma > Medicines & treatments > Complementary therapies tinyurl.com/ljvu27

TJ (moderator)


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