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Evil Asthma 10 Confused 4 (need more medication to beat this stubborn asthma!)

im a bid to de-stress myself with my asthma (i feeling as though my asthma will kick off soon again!) im doing a strategic plan to prevent another flare up pre hayfever season!

At the moment im on Seretide (250 2 puffs) and Ventolin (with nasonex) however my plan is to add flixotide and servent in aswell, im using ventolin 3 times a day and my pf isnt stablising and im getting a sinsus attack now aswell. So to avoid going on Singulair im thinking to add servent mid day and one puff of flixotide at night?

Is serevent steriod free? Im assuming it is and this idea might work.Has anyone used this idea, did it work?

It means im using 3/4 inhalers on a scheduled basis but i'd rather not be on preds or antibiotics (spent most of 2009 on antibiotics now im getting swollen joints from all that medication)

I remeber Woody and Ginny saying they did this but i wondering if this would work better - how do you search for topics here, I cant find the message topic anymore?

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Hi again,

Glad you're a bit better :) ... have found the thread and will bump it up.

Sorry to hear that you're still symptomatic though. Please go back and see your doctor to see what she advises as you're using Ventolin three times a day, and hopefully there's a lot more room for improvement. Also ask about the swollen joints.

Do you take Seretide straight after Ventolin? If so, then it might help to wait about 15 minutes before using your preventer inhaler to allow time for your airways to open up. Ventolin doesn't reach maximum effect straight away, and if curious then this can usually be seen by using a peak flow meter taking measurements every 5 minutes!

Seretide is combination of Flixotide and Serevent. The steroid preventer is Flixotide (flucticasone) and the long-acting bronchodilator (LABA) is Serevent (salmeterol). I use a different preventer, but I *think* your doctor suggested adding on Flixotide rather than doubling Seretide, in order to increase the amount of inhaled steroid without increasing the LABA.

It might be helpful to have a chat with one of the AUK asthma nurses (red box on the top left hand corner).

Take care and good luck,




Hi ginny

thanks for the bump. she did say instead of seretide. but i'm worried about getting rid of that as its kept my asthma stable at a lower pf but no embarrassing attacks. i'm confused what to do but i think adding singulair might be a quick fix

thanks for the advice.


seretide is just as effective as serevent and flixotide, but if you need extra steroid over and above what seretide can provide then a separate flixotide is added. You won't need an additional servent.

I'd go with the addition of montelukast (singulair) worth a go and it's just 1 small tablet in the evening.

I know my own nurse has said if the above combination doesn't work then there is nothing more they can do at GP level, but then refer you on to specialists at hospitals.


Confused! Before you do anything yourself get yourself off to the doctor! Do not do anything without medical advice!



thanks for the advice. i am set to see my asthma doctor again on monday as my rhinitis has kicked off again.

i'm just a little fed up as it seems like i've been sick for years and always tired and sleepy. thanks again.


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