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Asthma and joint / muscle pain.

Hi all sorry I've a bit quiet the last few days but experiencing excruciating pain in my shoulders, elbows, knees, thighs, back, wrists and fingers. Sometimes I get stuck and have difficulty turning over in bed.

I've not slept properly for years which I had put down to asthma but - touch wood - since started having inhalers through a spacer symptoms at night have been better controlled. I'm always tired I mean totally exhausted. Over the last year I have experienced problems with controlling my body temperature - which I put down to hormones. One minute I'm freezing cold and the next I'm dripping with sweat.

I spoke to the doctor at a previous surgery about being extremely tired a couple of years ago and about pain in my knees and wrists. I was tested for Rheumatoid factors and they came back normal. My knees were examined by ortho con who said that they might be partially dislocating which was causing the pain and I had nerve tests for carpal tunnel on my wrists but all came back. I asked Gp at the time if it could be ME or Chronic Fatigue and she suggested I cut my hours at work to part time and that I didn't want to be labelled with one of these conditions. Kind of got the impression put up and shut up.

But this flare up is affecting more of my joints and the only way I can describe it is my bones hurt. I have a dull ache all the time. My mum (ex ortho nurse) suggested either Fibromyalgia or Polymyalgia. Does anyone else have experience of these symptoms or know of a link between asthma and either of these conditions?

I'm at docs tomorrow to talk about it.

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Ask your GP to do blood test to check your vitamin d levels as when low these can cause you to feel tired and cause muscle pain. Sorry do not know anything about Fibromyalgia or Polymyalgia...


Ask your GP to do blood test to check your vitamin d levels as when low these can cause you to feel tired and cause muscle pain. Sorry do not know anything about Fibromyalgia or Polymyalgia...


Joint pain


I suffer from joint pain and have noticed it's worse off steroids. Have been on maintenance dose of Pred for over a year now and loint pains much better. They seem to be worse when I wake up but improves

when walking about. Rheumatoid factor always negative but ESR has been slightly raised. No one seems to know why, have mentioned both to my GP and Resp Consultant. Like you I don't want to be labelled fibromyalgia as it's one of those conditions thats not fully understood. Hope you find find the answer, Ibuprofen was the only thing that helped even though wasn't supposed to take it, lol.



i am suffering a lot of pain from intercostal muscles due to effort of breathing during attacks which is exacerbated with every attack and affects back chest, shoulders, arms and sometimes everywhere also, but during recent admission also developed pain in lower back - lumbar region - they think this is osteoporosis, osteopenia though - find out monday to confirm with scan :( been on long term high dose pred for abut 19 months now and bone protection only past 4 months :S

pain unbearable at times.... and when it is i get emotional and both together causes an attack :(

not sure wot fibromyalgia is or polymyalgia?? enlighten me?

x x x



Hi all and thank you for your advice and support as always it is such a comfort.

* Snowygirl - so wonderful to have you back just make sure you take it easy and have a speedy recovery. I feel for you - i don't know why but being in constant pain seems to make everything seem so much worse... chin up we are all here for you. Good luck for your results on Monday. Let me know how you get on. xxx

I saw my GP, who as always was lovely. I had psoriasis, following a throat infection about 10 years ago. It was quite bad - affecting all areas of my body. My dermatologist said it was the worst case he had seen in a long while. Anyway with treatment it cleared after a couple of years. I still get the odd patch now and then but nothing major. My GP thinks that the pain I am experiencing could be due to psoriatic arthritis. Which can take up to ten years to develop.

So I have to have more blood taken and my wrists x-rayed as apparently psoriatic arthritis makes the bones look different on x - ray to other forms of arthritis. Once we have test results the we plan a way forward. It seems that my immune system is really having issues what with the high IgE levels and this. Grrrr still must stay positive there are people far worse than I am.


The plot thickens ...

Been to resp con today who told me that my Vitamin D level was extremely low ... um would have been helpful to be told this before seeing GP last week!!! Low levels of Vitamin D can cause bone and muscle pain ... been given a supplement to take. Whilst at hosp had bloods and xrays done for GP so now I wait a week for results.


I was told last week to supplement vit d because there is some research about it boosting immunity as well as vit c if not better. That was only useful thing consultant said!


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