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More medication

Now on 6 x ventolin 5 mg nebs, 12 x symbicort 400, 8 x atrovent 20mcg, 1 x singulair 10mg, 2 x slo-phyllin 250mg, 8 x prednisolone 5mg all per day plus ventolin inhaler.

Now signed off sick for another week.

Just getting a little bit depressed, 4 weeks off work now, 5 days in costa and still no improvement.

Virtually housebound.

Arrrrrrrrgh !!!!

At least my replacement nebuliser arrived today :-)

Little moan over

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My goodness you are on a lot of meds for your asthma! No wonder you are feeling low. So would I. I was feeling pretty rough over the weekend and feeling a bit sorry for myself. I'm getting my meds checked out tomorrow so not sure what they will suggest next. I'm on the symbicort too but was advised than when I started needing it 6 times or more a day they would have to think of something else. I have salbutamol too but none of it's hitting the spot. It was suggested when they put me on symbicort that if it didn't help I might end up on steroids. Not sure if they meant short or long term. Will know tomorrow for sure.


aww!!! hope you feel a little better soon xx

Asthma is horrible and days seem so long when you carnt get out.



Not surprised you feel low, that does sound a lot of meds. Hope you can get out and about soon, even if it's just a little walk. xx


No wonder youre fed up.

You must be going stir crazy by now.

Hope your health improves soon.

Oh hope you get free scrips too :)


I get the prescription pre payment certificate, well worth the cost, it pays for itself 20 times over !


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