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Sleep and breathlessness

I'm going to mention this when I go to the chest clinic at the end of next month but I thought I'd post here and see what people thought.

When my asthma went a bit haywire two years ago I had episodes where I would wake up from sleep not being able to breathe. After a while it would settle down enough for me to be able to breathe well enough to be abel to take my inhaler and then I could go back to sleep. At the time I had my first hospital admission and it happened so I pressed the call button and once they had given me a bit of oxygen and a nebuliser I felt a little better but started to cry. The nurse asked me what I was scared of and I said 'not waking up' and she said this wouldn't happen because my body would wake me up. At the time I put it down to asthma but then since I lost weight I wondered if it was sleep apnoea as it didn't seem to happen. Anyway I've started to notice it happening again it feels like I""m choking on my own spit and I wake up coughing but only enough to rouse me a little and then I fall back to sleep. I have remembered it happening a few times this week but I've also had times when I've woken up for what seems like no reason with a feeling of panic and sandie has also woken up. So I'm not sure if its me waking her up or vice versa.

Do you think this is likely to be my asthma given that throughout the day it is mostly well controlled? Could it be something like sleep apnoea since I'm no longer overweight?

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hi beth - i am a newbie, awaiting diagnosis but being treated for chest infection and ?asthma. i too worry about not choking/coughing if i happen to be able to fall asleep. did you get any replies to your original post? hope you better now.


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