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GP's and asthma nurses

still having problems with my asthma. I went to my asthma nurse yesterday as GP suggested. But got no where with her apart from her getting to see GP. This was GP no 8 in 4 wks. I did get some steroids and antibiotics out of him, because I insisted. I even told him what antibiotics I wanted. As there worked in Feb. I'm a nurse but I shouldn't be telling them what medication I want. I'm a special care baby nurse not an asthma nurse. Perhaps I should retrain.

I'm finding the whole thing very frustrating as many of you do. The asthma nurse is lovely but she never knows what to do with me. Yet isn't she supposed to be the expert. So I ask if GP no 6 did the referral to specialist, answer no. So I ask GP no 8 to do it, who said only if the antib's and steroids don't work. Can I see a specialist without GP referral? I have to go back to see GP no 8 on friday. I pointed out how many I'd seen in 4 wks. I've been off work all that time. And want to go back. I have been adviced at work to stay away at moment as everything so stressful and dusty with the hospital move. I went in on fri to empty my locker and i have to admit I struggled. It's just so frustrating as i'm no further on. I'm going to ring occ health at work to see if they can get me reffered quicker.

It's effecting my whole life. I can't do my church work while I'm off paid work. And I can't dance.

At least I can let off steam on here as you all understand.

Thanks for listening. cath

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Hi Cath

So sorry you are not having a very good time at the moment.

Before I moved to a different town therefore I got A different GP, I had awful problems with GP's dealing with me. Now though, personally I have 2 very good GP's and 2 very good practice nurses come asthma nurses who are always taking very good care of me and alwaysseem to know what they are doing. Although in saying that,if my GP's are not available I do have a problem cos none of the other GP's in the practice will deal with my asthma, cos according to my nurses I am quite complex!!!

It took me ages to get a referal to a consultant, and only got one because last year I spent about every 6 weeks in hospital and it was the hospital that sent me to a consultant that specialises in brittle asthma.

I too am finding it very frustrating due to the factI have been off sick since the end of Feb and occ health say my asthma needs to be better before I can even consider going back. I work on a hospital ward and they feel that I am far too much at risk of picking up infections, but like my practice nurse said I am just as likely to pick up an infection from sitting on a bus on the way to work as I am at work.

If I was you, I would get on to occ health and explain everything to them, but also get onto your asthma nurse about how you feel etc etc because I find them far easier in understandingnasthma than GP's, as although my GP's are excellent with me, they always send me to the nurses and like one of my nurses says, she knows how I am just by looking at me.

Hope you get on ok and get better soon. Feel free to PM me.

Take care Sam


Thanks Sam. It's actually my asthma nurse I'm frustrated with as she never knows what to do with me. I am thinking of changing GP practice. Someone from church told me about theirs. And probably will do, but difficult at moment while I am having treatment. But will ring occ health.

sorry you are having a bad time of it too.

Take care.


Hi Cath

I am having similar issues at the moment though mine having been going on as long, I just feel as though no-one is listening to me.

I have brittle asthma and have done for years. My GP's surgery are normally very good, even though the asthma nurse is useless. I am also under a consultant at the hospital.

I have been on 40mg pred a day for 7 days now as well as anti-biotics (although appears chest infection has now cleared up) but I am not getting better like I should be. I have seen 3 Doctors and spent a few hours in A&E and had another trip upto the hospital for more x-rays all within the last week.

The problem is this time, I am not noisily wheezy like I usually am but my chest feels so tight and uncomfortable and my peak flow is 250-350, which is bad for me.

No-one knows what to do with me. They all keep saying I should be better by now and they can't give me any more meds. My consultant is a nightmare to get hold of and despite my GP faxing him yesterday and me speaking to his secretary earlier, I am still waiting for a call to know what to do.

I feel very pressured being off work, I know I should be there but I am just not well enough. When I sit doing nothing, I don't feel too bad but the moment I start to do something, my chest just starts and my heart starts racing and I feel terrible.

I had to be really persistent to get to see a consultant (this was several years ago), it was him who finally diagnosed me to have brittle asthma, which has helped, I am now able to claim disability living allowance and get a lot more help with things because I am not able to do them myself.

I really hope you get it sorted. I am sorry for ranting on... I just feel so frustrated, only we know how we feel and why does it sometimes feel like no-one is listening?

Hope you get better soon, Hev x


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