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Hey, i am after some advice about using a nebuliser, i am poorly controlled adult i have been since June of this year, after being admitted to hospital after a severe attack my gp recommend of buying a nebuliser which i did and it has helped however because of was etc id allowed of to start using it without to much advice etc on the basis that i will c asthma nurse in the new year, but i am confused as to whether i can still use my salbomol inhaler between using the nebuliser, i an on sybicort 200/6 4x 2 a day, atrovent 2x 3 a day, 10mg singulair, predisolone 40mg 4 7 days antibiotics plus 2 different lots of tablets 4 acid reflux, any advice would be greatly appreciated xxx

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  • Your doctor will need to answer this question .Please contact him as soon as Possible regarding this to prevent any difficulties over the new year period .. As we can't see what your asthma is like we cannot comment on your treatment sorry

  • Hi gussypoo, thank you for taking the time to answer, i did think that maybe the case but just wanted some feed back really to see what others thought, the lack of sleep in my life is really getting me down, i was hoping the nebuliser would be a miracle worker for of and in many ways it is but like anything its not perfect, anyway in going to see if i can get in tomorrow to see the doctor, many thanks again for taking the time to answer x

  • Ur welcome ...better being safe than sorry and seeking clarrification

  • Hi eeyore - hope u got sorted and are feeling better now.

  • hi thankyou, not really but im getting there slowly x

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