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I recently saw my gp as after two week-long pred courses I was still having a hard time with my asthma, with constant severe attacks that come on very quickly. My doctor was going to prescribe me theophylline after explaining that I was already on max meds (confusion point number 1), but decided not to and sent me for a referral (confusion point 2).

The following day I was admitted to hospital with a severe attack, needing IV hydrocortisone, nebs yahdiyahdiyada...and have to go see the cons in a couple of weeks.

What I am confused about is, why does she say when I'm on max meds when I'm actually on very little, and why the need for a referral? Does it have to get to that stage? What can the cons do that she can't?

Cheers, Emz

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  • Hi,

    Can you list the meds you are on, names and dosage so we can look at what they mean by 'Max'.

    The referral can be for a number of reasons but if your asthma is uncontroled and your Gp is unsure of how to treat its not a bad thing to see the Cons.

    Let me know.


  • Hi Gavin

    I am currently on:

    Salbutamol MDI inhaler PRN

    Salbutamol 2.gmg nebules PRN

    Seretide 250 2 puffs BD

    Atrovent 2 puffs 4x daily

    This isn't much when compared to alot of asthmatics!


  • i am on

    hay i am on theophylline 375 mg twice aday

    60 mg of pred everyday

    10 mg of singulair

    salb inhaler and neb PRN

    simbcot 400/12 twice aday

    10 mg of citrines once aday

    60 mg of fluoxtine

    i hate all my med do my head

  • Ok, I went to see my consultant and my Seretide has been changed to Symbicort...what are the implications of this?

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