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ah another pred question sorry


Sos to seem so dumb about this - am on long term pred which the cons is trying to wean me off - but getting infections infections again. My question is about 40mg pred. I had an infection in December and went from daily 4mg to 40mg and was weaned down very very slowly back to 4mg then have to double doses at times due to other problems (adrenals asleep) and now have another infection which is triggering pluerisy pain and breathing low - phew sorry being long here- saw doc on Friday and he has put me on high dose antiobitics 3 times a day as last time had to have 2 different courses of others as infection wouldn't go, he said to up pred to 10mg - I am wondering if I should call and ask if pred should go to 40mg or should I stick to 10mg and wait? Lungs are full of gunk and getting a little confused with pred medication with doc, and consultants differing opinions so sorry for dumb question - i have scanned other threads.


Happy Mothers Day to moms out there:-)


other normal meds: seretide 250 - 8 puffs a day to make it seretide 500, ventolin, loratadine and calcium, aldronic acid.

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Hi Julie,

Sorry to hear that you're struggling. None of us can advise you on what to do with your pred, I'm afraid - it's not appropriate or safe for us to be giving you personal medical advice without being able to properly assess you or having access to your medical history (see the Terms and Conditions for more details).

If you are not clear about the advice that your doctor has given you, or you are not happy that it is the right advice, you need to see your doctor again, or, if things are deteriorating, call NHS Direct, your out of hours GP service, or 999.

Hope you improve soon,

Em H

(Moderator's hat on)


Hi Em H

Thanks for this:-)

Sos I always get confused when knowing to up - wondered if there is ever too soon to up - I just can't get off of these things.

Mind is alittle muddled with drugs etc so apologies for asking so specific.

Will call doc today:-)




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