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Bronchial Thermoplasty. (air2 Trial)

Hi everyone,

I did post about this a few months ago. I have been on this trial for a new therapy for Asthma. It involves using a Bronchoscope and Microwaves to reduce the smooth muscle in the Lungs. I don't know if I got the treatment, or had the placebo. At the moment I am thinking I didn't get it as I was really sick over xmas and new year.

However this could be really good news for everyone. One of my asthma consultants has told me that they are stopping recruiting for the trial because the results have been so successful. The trial is world-wide, but I think there are about 4 centres in the UK that have been involved. Leciester, Birmingham, Manchester, Glascow, and London.

It involves 3 bronchoscopies, over a nine week period. I have had the last one.

then they do all sorts of tests to see if your asthma has improved, ie metacholine challenge test. Then you reduce the inhaled steroids, which is my long-term aim as I am taking very high doses, and then the moment I am sick I am on pred and nebs.

Anyway, I would really really like to message /talk to anyone else who has been involved, I am sure someone who reads these boards must of had the treatment. I am really hoping to compare notes.

If anyone else wants to know more, please post, I will do my best to answer.



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