Salamol - shakes, heart racing


Ive had asthma pretty much as long as I can remember. I take salamol and beclazone easi-breathe inhalers. Though in truth I know I probably dont take them as much as I should.

But the main reason I hate taking them is because when I take the salamol I end up shaking loads and feeling like my heart is racing, makes me feel really horrible. Is this normal?????


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  • same happens to me, I feel faint but don't know why,and feel a bit spaced out? be interested to find out, an asthma nurse once told me it's because I left it too late using inhaler and wasn't getting enough oxygen, but I don't think my asthma is too bad as I'm always told my chest is clear even when I feel I can barely breath, same as my Son.

  • yes should settllle soon but might be best build up slow to a high does then wont get them.

    If dont settle have a word with GP.

    love Glynis xxx

  • hope you take the beclazone daily as instructed, but you should really experience the shakes and racing heart with high or frequent doses of salamol, and I mean somewhere more than 1 0r 2 puffs 4times a day, of course you could be the exception, and if it's causing you concern have a chat to your doctor or the AUK nurses.

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