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My little boy of 5 years old is on 200mcg (daily dose) of seretide and 5ml of cetirizine in the evening, yet we have had to use his salbutamol in the last 4-6 weeks as he is starting to get some asthma symptoms. We had a particularly rough night with lots of coughing and so I called his respiratory nurse for some advice. She has prescribed him an Atrovent inhaler to use in addition to his other inhaler. Has anyone had any experience of using it in children? And have you found it useful in lifting the phlegm?


leixh x

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How medics differ (sigh)... I asked my GP about Atrovent for my teenage son and he said it's only prescribed for COPD and not suitable for youngsters.

That aside, I hope Atrovent helps your little boy.


*sigh*, yes, when I read the prescribing info I was a bit bemused. I haven't given it him yet as he seems to be coping ok. might do a bit more research before doing so,


Hmm, not sure about for children but I was given it by my GP for asthma as several others here have been too. For me it has made the most difference with no pred. since starting it 6 months ago. It does taste awful though.


Yes Angie how medics differ! My son was given an Atrovent neb in hospital a while ago after having several sabutomol nebs with no effect and he turned the corner and came through his attack without needed IV drugs which was going to be the next step. When we went to our consultant appointment I mentioned how well he got on with the Atrovent and I was told it was an old fashioned drug that isn't used much anymore and that was the end of it! It certainley worked for him.

Please let me know how your son gets on with it, I hope his symptoms settle down.

Clare x


my son is now 9yrs old but when he was 7 during a hospital admission the doctor mentioned atrovent inhaler and said unfortunately they couldnt perscribe but to ask our gp. when i asked him he said although it is unusual to perscribe it to youngsters it isnt unheard of and was happy for us to give it a try. Best winter we ever had with no a n e trips. we dont need it at present as somehow probably through age and fact changed to accuhalers now my son is doing well but we still have spare atrovent inhalers just in case and gp is more than happy to hand a perscription if situation dips again. the downside is my son used to gag with the taste but like my gran use to say nasty medicine does u good!!


Maddie also has Atrovent inhaler daily. :-) x



My daughter has atrovent for when she is very poorly. I have never had a problem with it. SHe has it as an inhaler but she has also had nebs with it in.



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