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Any ideas? Out of control asthma

Hi everyone, just sitting here at 3am because my 14 year old daughter is just back from being nebbed at the local hospital and I can't sleep. Since Easter her asthma has been pretty much out of control. In the past three to four weeks she has had a night in the children's ward every week been nebbed dozens of times, seen countless gps and paramedics and still we don't seem to have it under control. She is taking salbutamol, seretide, mucadine, singulair and preds.We use anti allergy bedcovers and pillows. Several time when she has seemed to have it under control then had another attack a chest infection has been diagnosed and antibiotics are added to the pharmaceutical cocktail, but these don't seem to have much impact either. She is wheezy every day even when she isn't having a full blown attack. Since she was in the hospital on oxygen and nebs at Easter her O2 sats have actually not been too bad only a slightly low before the neb. After several times of asking she is actually going to get allergy testing next week and the consultant is arranging a ct scan - and in case there is a psychological element he has even refered her to some sort of mental health specialist although she insist that she isn't stressed or anxious about anything.

Has anyone else had this type of experience and if so can you give me some advice because I'm going crazy here.

Cheers, Kat

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Hopefully the allergy tests will give you some answers, but Asthma symptoms can also be linked to hormones, hence many of us being worse around that time of the month. made me wonder if that could be part of the problem for your daughter as 14 is a pretty hormonal age. if so it should hopefully improve with age.


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