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Had hospital review....recommendations?

Molly had her hospital review yesterday and it resulted in her meds being upped to Becotide 100, three puffs twice a day - Serevent 25 2 puffs twice a day, continuing with the Montelukast tabs and salbutamol as required.

Although the doctor was helpful I don't think he really took on board how bad things are for us at night.

I've made sure she has got anti-allergenic mattress protectors but I am at a loss of what I can do practically to try and improve things?

Has anybody had any good results with any specific types of treatment? inhalers? nebulisers?

Thanks in advance

Annie x

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Hi, just wanted to say keep on at docs until they understand how bad things are for molly. It's too easy sometimes to just accept what the docs say and then go home and kick yourself for not saying more. I have always been led to believe if a child is having symptoms at night then they are not as controlled as they should be so something else must be done.

My son Sean had been very unwell for several months and for some reason I accepted the decline in his health and so did he, during March I became very worried about his safety particulary at night. At his apt at RBH in March I decided me doing the usual ' i can cope' wasnt helping at all so told the con exactly how bad things had become and the effect it was having on Sean. He was then admitted for 9 days for extensive drug changes/tests. He is now on a longer cocktail of drugs but is more stable than I have seen him for months!

In our experience I have found sometimes you have to really spell out how bad things are and if that means you have to rant abit to be heard then so be it. If you have any doubt that more couldbe done for Molly ask for a referalsecond opinion. It isn't always easy to do this but could be benefical.

Let us know how you get on

Julie xx


hi there. i have been keeping an eye on posts briefly the past few days and thought id better start replying! sometimes the docs change the meds a little at a time so that they know what is making a difference - if they changed all her meds and put her on a high dose of eveerything, she may be much better but she may only have needed half the drugs to get that way - most docs like to take it slow and cautious so they can get the meds and doses precise. its frustrating i know but its not that the doc doesnt care, it may just be that he doesnt want to overmedicate your daughter. hope that makes sense!

kirsten xxx


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