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getting worried about the amount of meds daughter is on

My daughter is 11 years old and brittle asthmatic but I am just worried about the amount of meds she is on after having another tablet added in. I was just wondering if this is normal for a brittle asthmatic to be on. She is on :-

Seritide 125




Prednisolone (been on for two years)




Folic acid


Flixonase nasal spray

Is this a normal amount ?

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Unfortunately, yes. This seems a perfectly reasonable amount of medications for a brittle asthmatic to be prescribed. Some of those drugs have been added to counteract the known side-effects of some of the other drugs.

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brittle asthma


our 7 yr old is also on huge amounts of meds. it looks daunting but as long as it keeps him alive thats all that matters.

dont worry the consultant knows what they are doing.

our child was diagnosed at 17 months and he has allergies and eczema as well as brittle asthma & silent chest. it can sometimes be upsetting that all we ever do is step up in meds, but he has stopped breathing twice in the past, so my new line of thought is just to keep him alive and fingers crossed no major attacks. he has contant symptoms despite the meds.

as i understand it once our child is older there will be other things they can try, they said when he is over 12 and weighs more as he is small for his age.

we have a marvelous consultant and i have every faith in her. we are based in Lancashire.


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