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Hi Everyone

My so was diagnosed with asthma ay 18 mths old following chest Xray. He has been given salbutamol inhaler and Beclazone inhalers, using the former many times a day. He was admitted to A&E last night with progressive wheeze and cough and quite floppy. He was given a nebulizer and pred which took effect immediately and made him very hyper. After a couple of hours of him running round (sounding a lot better) he was discharged and I have to return later today for the presciption of pred.

However since 3am he has a hacking cough and small wheeze - anyone have any advice on trying to control the cough - he has had massive amount of salbutimol since waking in a effort to combat cough!

Thanks xx

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Hope your son is improving now. If he is still coughing non-stop try sitting in the bathroom with him, the door shut and a steamy shower running, but don't put him too close. May help him to breathe a little better.


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