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Children's asthma

I was wondering if children of around 4 can have a flu jab, and if that will help prevent cough/cold related asthma attacks? Also, does anyone have any experience of how steroids effect the behaviour of their child? Mine is 4 and on steroids and is incredibly manic, she is shouting and crying and hyper with dilated pupils a lot of the time. Is this normal?

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Hi I think so, my son is 8 and has had them for a few years now, also has just had his first pneumonia jab, doesn't need that one for another 3 years. Matty had pneumonia in January so don't want that again EVER.The flu jab didn't help last year as Matty got a different strain then got pneumonia, he was just unlucky. Hopefully this year will be better.

Matty has been on and off oral steroids since he was a baby and we have the same problem. Emotions trigger Matty's asthma and the steroids send him emotionally haywire, full meltdowns and lately he gets suicidal but he does have ADHD as well. We just try to keep him calm and tell him we know the medication helps the asthma but not his moods. Matty says they make him feel fizzy!, very upset,very happy then low.Luckily he sleeps really well once he's in bed. When I'm on steroids I can't sleep at all and feel full of energy, not good when your supposed to rest!



hi my son is 4 he has had the flu jab every year since he was 6mths old.

he has been on and off steroids most of his young life, he getting very moody and upset about the littleis things he also gets hyper then we he comes down all he do's is sleep.when he is on steroids i have to keep him off school as the school have trouble with his behavier.the rest of the time he is a loving little boy who will do anything you ask.hope this helps, your not alone with this.


Hi my daughter had her first flu jab at the age of 2, however it was administered in 2 x half doses. I did find that it helped, we only had one hospital admission that year!

I have experienced the same problems with the steriods, Nebulizer and reliever inhalars, (please ignore my spelling) the medication sends my daughter as high as a kite, which then causes her to wheeze and then we start all over again.

A friend who is a nurse practitioner did suggest that there maybe alternatives that might not trigger hyperactivity but I would need to discuss the medication with my GP or asthma nurse.

However my experience of asthma with regards to information / support from our GP surgery is 'just get on with it, she might grow out of it'.


i hav been an asthmatic since i was tiny. My parents put up wit so much. Ive had the flu jab every yr since it became available and had pneumonia jab 5 yrs ago and 4 yrs ago...

Cant hav live vaccines at mo as immune system is pants so not had flu or pneumonia jab this yr.

As a small child whenever i needed steroids my behaviour spiraled out of control- i was 6 and scribbled over everyone in my classes wrk then thro paint at the teacher. I remember just feelin angry not sure why there was no real reason the teacher called my parents and said i was acting disturbed! Steroids always did v odd things to me as a child. It didnt last forever tho i did grow out of it.

My brother was also a bad asthmatic and used to head butt people wen he was on steroids. He also grew out of it - he was lucky enough to grow out of his asthma too.

Now wen i take steroids i occasionally feel quite emotional-the main reason bein that i hate the weight gain and it gets me down but i dont fly in to rages or go hyper like i did as a child.

Hope this helps u realise ur kid's are not the only ones. Take care lv kitkat Xx


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