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hi i am just wondering if anyone can give me advice. my 3 year old son is on regular meds for his asthma. clenil 100x2puff twicw per day 4mg montelukast at bedtime reliver as and when needed.

i went today to have an asthma review at my gp(my son is under the hospital care for his condition)the nurse was great as i explained since the winter has come in my son is more breathless and needing his reliver a lot more than in the summer,she explained that although they review him at surgery she cannot change meds as the hospital is responsible for this. she did however say she thinks he may need his preventer changing from brown to purple. i am just worried that the hospital may take himoff the montelukast if his inhaler is changed. he had been great since being on them and although he is breathless and needing reliver he is a lot better to treat and has not needed and admission to hospital while on you think this is likely to happen and could i ask them not to.

i'd really appreciate advice.

thanks helen

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My first port of call would be to contact your son's consultant. You could speak to the consultants secretary and explain everything. They may give you an appointment to discuss things or they may give him a different med merely from chatting over the phone.

My dd is on the exact meds as your little boy and I agree, the Montelukast seems to be working a treat with her too.

Good luck. Hope i goes ok.


Hi Helen,

I've followed you and your son's troubles for a while, and so glad that things were OK over the summer for you, but unfortunately winter isn't great for asthmatics.

I wouldn't worry about changing to the purple inhaler (seretide), that will hopefully give Jake a bit more help, it contains the inhaled steroid like he's on, just a different one, but also the inhaler contains what is known as a long acting beta agonist, or simply a chemical that will help his airways stay open for 12 hours or more.

There is no reason to remove the montelukast just because Jake's been given a different inhaler, the two can be used together, and you have good results with montelukast, so do make sure they understand that.

The seretide is used reduce any inflammation and help keep the airways open, while montelukast helps to stop the lungs reacting to irritants that cause swelling in the airways. I could explain it in a more technical way, but don't think that is required.

Good luck and let us now how you both get on.




I would be surprised if the monteleukast was stopped because there's a change in the inhaler. My little boy has been on monteleukast since he was 2 and is on lots of other meds at the same time. The purple inhaler contains flixotide as a steroid (my son is on flixotide as his steroid inhaler). I think you can relax over that worry. Talk to your sons consultant about it and stress the effectiveness of the monteleukast.

Margot x.


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