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My 3 boys age 5, 3 + 3 have just been officially diagnosed with Asthma and the nurse offered them all a flu jab, I said I wasn't sure and would look into it first. I feel they are a bit young and worry about any side effects. Their asthma is mostly triggered by the cold virus, so it does sound like a sensible idea, but I keep thinking back to an article I read a few years back where a young family man died from the jab!

Just wondering if anyone had had their young children done?

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I have been getting the flu jab for years and the slightest cold and im bad with my asthma,

the only thing is that you do get some cold like symptons but only for a couple of days and sore ring around the injected area but its not overly sore just like a sort of stiffness.

why dont you ask for it yourself and see what you think, i feel it does more good than harm, my father is diabetic and is offered it and he is slightly asthmatic also and refused because he didnt want the flu but he didnt listen to me when i said you dont get the flu only a touch of the cold and now hes been in bed for several days with the flu and he says he wished he had of got it now, he can barely lift his head of the pillow

Hope this helps


My daughter is now 11 and had been having it for about 6 or 7 years with no problems -one of her main triggers is viral illness so i don't want to take any extra risk. Apart from a minor sore arm or mild cold symptoms she has never had any problems -i would go for it.


Hi, my eldest is 8 now but she has had the flu jab ever since diagnosis at 16mth. She also had the pnuemonia jab too. She complains of a sore arm for a couple of days but whats that compared to an asthma attack and costa admission?

Would never miss her having it. Hope that helps you decide, but at the end of the day do what you are comfortable with.



The only contra indication for a flu jab is Egg Allergy.

This man may have had an adverse reaction and it was only one death. Put ito context , to be very blunt, more people suffer complications and worse from the flu than the vaccine.

There are hardly any side effects, sore arm, and some people get a bit of a cold but that may be purely coincidental as they may have been brewing something at the time of the jab.


I've never had a flu jab, no reason as such but my GP never get in touch to invite me to have one and personally for me I don't see it as particularly necessary. I've had flu a couple of times and once with some minor complications but I don't think the jab does have any really bad side effects or anything, know a few people who have had it and been fine.


I was advised that I didn't need it, but just over a week ago, I went and had the flu jab, no problems, just a slightly lower PEF reading for about 5 days, but noting to worry about, now back on the way up. I'd recommend it to anyone, the side effects are no where (for the majority) as bad as having the flu and very poor asthma.


My daughter of 2 had one this year. Its made a huge difference to those times when she gets ill and she now reacts in a ""normal"" way to bugs.


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