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Crackling and squeaking noises when breathing out, while laid down

Hi I wonder if somebody could help me with this. A few months ago when I went to bed as I was breathing out my throat seemed to be making a sound like 'popping candy', then soon after high pitched squeaking.

A couple of weeks later I went to the doctors thinking I had a chest infection and was told that it was probably a virus and Sent away. Days later I ended up going to an emergency doctor and was told that my chest was rattling from top to bottom and was given steroids, ventolin inhaler and some antibiotics which appeared to do the trick but as soon as the steroids finished I was just as bad and saw another doctor who said that I should have a respiratory test but didn't give me anything.

Days later I was worse and even had pain in my back and was very breathless. My husband took me to A&E. I was put on a nebuliser and given more steroids and (a clear) chest X-ray. This worked and I felt fine again while taking the steroids but once they'd finished I was wheezing really badly, very breathless and back at the doctors. He gave me Montelucast and a preventive inhaler.

I had the respiratory test which showed a score of 74, which my doctor said didn't really tell them much as 80 was normal. I'm now doing a peak flow chart but the GP said I shouldn't be using my preventative inhaler while doing it. I stopped for two days then was really tight chested so had to use it again which has helped.

I don't know if this is a throat problem (my voice keeps going), or a chest problem but am worried sick. I have reactive arthritis following a virus 4 years ago and 10 years ago had pneumonia and empyema. My Dr seems reluctant to refer me to a chest clinic as yet and I've never experienced anything like this before. Also could this be an allergy, asthma, COPD. Although I've never heard anyone make the noises that I do when laid down. It keeps my husband awake.

I'd really appreciate any advice.


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I wonder why your Doc is reluctant to refer you to a Respiratory specialist? If I were you I would first ask him why he had not referred me and then ask him to refer me. I often have clear x-rays but a CT Scan shows a problem. My recent x-ray showed no bronchiectasis but the CT scan showed it had spread into both lungs and a few other surprises too.

Hope you get this sorted soon.


Hi, freefaller and thanks for the reply and hope you are well.

I think that it's all down to cost to be honest.

I have been back to my GP and have seen two of them. One seems to think it's COPD and the other, along with the respiratory nurse, thinks it's late onset asthma. I'm currently using the preventative inhaler twice a day and a ventalin inhaler when needed.

To be honest I haven't needed the ventalin one very much as the steroid preventative seems to be the one that makes a real difference.

I still have this popping crackling sort of noise when I wake up in the morning but it's not as bad as it was and also the loud squeaking wheezing noise appears to have stopped.

My ribs feel stiff and the left side hurts when I lie on it but I think that's from the chest drains and scaring from my empyema in 2001.

I'm just hoping that these inhalers will keep things under control. X


Hi Dwarly,

At the moment I am fine even though there is a lot of pollen around it obviously can't be the sort that affects me. Thank goodness for that. Glad to hear you are getting better. Seems like the inhalers are working let's hope they keep on working for you.

All the best

Sian X


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