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Manuka honey

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I have bronchiectasis and would like to try Manuka honey to find out if it helps my cough. As there are a few different ones to choose from is there anybody on the forum who can advise which one would be best for coughs.

22 Replies
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It's a bit of a minefield really, I dont know how one can tell which ones are counterfeit - there are some as the real stuff is expensive. Back in 2013/4 when I was using it to rebuild immunity and help prevent more infections I used the highest strength when bad (@ £45 per jar) and a medium strength for daily use (£25-ish). At the time newspaper articles claimed there weren't enough Manuka trees in New Zealand to produce the quantities that were being consumed. Perhaps they've cultivated more trees now. I think the honey has to conform to NZ rules concerning authentication. Basically, the higher the strength the better. I'd have it off a coffee spoon like medicine or in a drink to sip made with warm water (not hot) . Nowadays I content myself with regular local honey but have more if I feel an infection lurking off my little coffee spoon .

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Spanielblue in reply to peege

Thank you. I found your answer helpful and sensible. I think I will buy a jar of ordinary honey to start with and see if that helps with cough calming.

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peege in reply to Spanielblue

See if you can find some local honey, mine's £6 from local health food shop. I used to read the reviews to particular Manuka honey on Amazon to help me choose. Good luck. P

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Spanielblue in reply to peege

We do have a health shop nearby so I will go in there and see what I can find. Thank you.

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Digger0 in reply to Spanielblue

Or try a local source of honey

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Hi Spanielblue,

I’m sorry, I don’t have any experience with bronchiectasis but as Peege mentions, I have also found the local honey that I purchase from a nearby farm shop is very good at soothing coughs and also my seasonal allergies. I often steep some fresh ginger in hot water then add the honey to make a soothing anti-inflammatory drink.

I hope you find something that helps you.

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Spanielblue in reply to Threecats

Thank you. I didn't know about fresh ginger so that is something else I can try.

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I get local honey straight from the bee keeper and swear by it. Primarily bought for my dogs alergies at certain times of the year and was so successful that we also use it too. x

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Spanielblue in reply to Mons

I don't know whether there are any local bee keepers in my area so I will investigate. Honey for your dogs' allergies made me smile. What we do for our pets! Mine is a visiting fox who I buy dog meat tins for. Thank you for your reply

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I make a lemon, ginger and honey drink for my cough and like the Odysea pine and fir tree honey from Sainsburys. . I have used Manuka honey and bought it when on special offer at Holland and Barratt and think for this to be effective you need to use it almost everyday for a week or two (I took a teaspoon in the evening just before bed) . I am sure it doesn't work for everybody but it did help me when my cough was bad x

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Can I just add a word of caution here. I have Bronch, Asthma and Hayfever. Honey, as it’s made by bees from pollen, aggravates my hayfever causing a flare up of all the symptoms including a sore throat and breathing problems. Maybe that’s just me, but it happens every time no matter which honey. I find sucking lozenges, honey free of course 🤣, helps to subdue the urge to cough. Hope you can find some relief soon as it’s one of the worse things about having Bronch.

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Spanielblue in reply to PurpleEllie

Thank you for warning which was useful to know. I don't suffer with hayfever so honey might not affect me. However, good to be aware.

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Heaven20 in reply to PurpleEllie

Same for family were telling me to try these things but didn't work for me. I have bad allergies with bronchiectasis, I just use dymista and suck throat sweets without honey .

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I buy mine from Lidl for £5.95 & it is MGO 100. They also do a lovely Eucalyptus honey as well.

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shouty in reply to shouty

Ps I put in GreekYoghurt as I haven't got a sweet tooth

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Spanielblue in reply to shouty

Thank you. I do use Lidl's now (cost of living) so will definitely look for the honey next time I go in.

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Hi Spaniel Blue, your post prompted me to respond, as I have had a long term Viral Infection with a dry tickly cough (On week 6). Over the years I have been a strong advocate of the efficacy of 'Honey' in general.

I had been buying high grad Manuka on and off for some time, and I really cannot say that I find it any better than a jar of good normal 'Honey'. I think any value it does have, is more in the mind than anything else.

Given the huge expense of high grade, Manuka Honey, one wonders if the popularity of it, is due more to clever commercial, 'Product Promotion'.

Personally, I find that normal honey, lime/lemon, and hot water, is just as good, and indeed many GP's, recommend this for mild to moderate colds.

Hope this helps, and I do hope you find a solution soon.

Regards Ron

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Yes, you have helped, thank you. It is now becoming clear, from other members too, that a good quality/high grade jar of honey is just as good as Manuka. I will definitely try it. My best wi.shes to you

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I have mild bronchiectasis. This following is an old wife's tale but it works for easing my cough; I use a dollop of Vicks Vaporub on the souls of my feet (cover with large cotton socks at bedtime) and in the morning my cough has vanished. You will find references to this on Google.

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Vindicatrix in reply to YummyBear

Bloomin heck, Yummy Bear, that's a new one on me, I usually put it on my chest, but as I don't have a pair of socks that would fit, I will certainly try the feet. I'm a great believer in trying most things, Once, will let you know if it works for me.

All the best Ron

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YummyBear in reply to Vindicatrix

Read this link online:

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Regarding Vicks VapoRub, I read this article online, see :

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