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My Fortunate Friend

Donald_1931 profile image
26 Replies

Some years ago I wrote a poem

About my friend the two toed sloth.

You might have wondered why that was

When most people view them with loath.

They have one gift that I admire,

And wish I was the same.

It would give me restful nights

And that would be my aim.

For many times throughout night,

To the bathroom I must go.

But for my friend on his two toes,

That isn't ever so.

The strange thing is this friend of mine,

With extraordinary cheek.

Has trained himself so he only needs

The bathroom once a week!

26 Replies
CDPO16 profile image

If only we could be the same!

Katinka46 profile image

How does he do it? Write such lovely ditties, I mean. Not the sloth who is obviously lying.

And who’s been counting?


Kate xxx

Thepainterswife profile image
Thepainterswife in reply to Katinka46


sassy59 profile image

If only Don. Pete would be much happier that’s for sure. Xxx💖😂

Jaybird19 profile image

Is it true ? please ask your friend the sloth for the answer .

there are many of us who would be very grateful.

Donald_1931 profile image
Donald_1931 in reply to Jaybird19

He complaints because he has to get out of the tree onto the ground to visit the bathroom and wishes it was once a fortnight! There’s a lesson to be learned here. 😉

Jaybird19 profile image
Jaybird19 in reply to Donald_1931

actually i find getting out of the tree easy --- its the getting back again.

must find a smaller tree

Threecats profile image

Oh the joy if it were only once a week! Think of the saving in toilet roll alone😂 Great poem Don, as always👍

Oshgosh profile image

wish I was a sloth

Danielmystar profile image

Love it

BronchyBronwen profile image

This takes your poetry to new heights, Don! Love it! Wonder if this would work for us if we hung ourselves upside-down? 🦥🦥xx

leo60 profile image
leo60 in reply to BronchyBronwen

The gravity factor! xx😂😂

Tykelady profile image
Tykelady in reply to BronchyBronwen

Not recommended.

Morrison10 profile image

Very good and funny. Admire your poetry talents. Jean x

Mellywelly profile image

Hasn't the sloth heard of tena ladies!!! He wouldn't have to leave the tree at all 🤣🤣🤣🤣

MoyB profile image

Wow! If that's true, Don, I'm definitely coming back as a sloth next time. Xx Moy

leo60 profile image

He is obviously not on the damned water tablets!!! 😂🤣😘

Izb1 profile image

If only, as many have said on here Don . Us lungies visiting the bathroom all night everynight would be in heaven to go only once a night let alone once a week, oh the joys of being normal again x

Nula2 profile image

..... if only! 😂xxx

Souielouie profile image

😄😄 xx

Jaybird19 profile image

oh Don what have you started !. A flood of

Donald_1931 profile image
Donald_1931 in reply to Jaybird19

Great init! 🤣

Jaybird19 profile image
Jaybird19 in reply to Donald_1931


dunnellon profile image

You've done it again Don! Got the forum rolling with the giggles. Giggles can be dangerous....I must pee off.

Alberta56 profile image

Love it- and sloths obviously don't keep breaking their finger nails. 😂😂🙃🙃

ljk1 profile image

I wish 😂

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