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Just had meds change - any problems ?

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Some of you will remember my last post this week where I was desperate to reduce my fierce coughing. Doc has changed me from Bevespi to Trimbow, put me on azithromycin for a week, Changed my statin from prevastatin to rosuvastatin and my ppi from omeprazole to Famotidine. Anyway at least he did something :) although he didn't call me in to the surgery so just on the phone, I know we are all different how we react to different meds but just wondered how folks get on with Trimbow and azithromycin . ? I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that you enjoying a bit of warmth in the sunshine xxxx😘

18 Replies
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Hi I have azithromycin which is great for keeping infection at bay but I was taking it in the morning which affected my stomach so someone on here recommended that I try taking it at night and it helps a lot better. As for trimbow I have not used it only seretide

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Gladys27 in reply to B0xermad

Thank you Boxer fingers crossed things improve, thanks for replying. x

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I have used Trimbow and take the Azithromycin 3 times a week without any problem at all so hopefully you will find it better for you.

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Gladys27 in reply to gingermusic

)Thank you ) only have azithromycin for 7 days (1 daily) so hoping for good things ) Glad it helped you

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I hope it works for you, I’m glad the Drs listening to you and doing something for you 👍x

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Gladys27 in reply to pegbl

Hi Pegbi Yes I'm hoping they work, I also managed a referral to a chest consultant but that could be months but eh ho its progress - thankyoux

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just to say that I have also used azithromycin for about five years without any trouble. Trimbow has been wonderful for me, a huge difference to my previous meds of aclidium bromide and Fostair.

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Gladys27 in reply to Straddie

Thats all good to hear and Im pleased its doing you good, hopefully me too x Thank you for replying

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I hope your new meds work for you. X

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Gladys27 in reply to watergazer

Thank you Watergazer - thats kind of you have a good weekend x

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I've been on Azith 3times a week for 3 years. No sode effects ans no infections in that time. 🤞

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Thank you Alberta thats good to hear and pleased it has worked on the infections, I am hoping by end of week I can sense a change for the better. Thanks for responding

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I've been on azithromycin,spiriva and fostair for approx 3 years for bronchiectasis.Just been changed to trimbow and seem to be having palpitations.Anyone else experienced this please?

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Been on azithromycin for about 12 years no issues. Have tried so many inhalers over the years I cant remember most of them, so I dont if I have had trimbow.

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Hi gladys,Iwas on fostair then asked to try trimbow.I dont feel it is hitting the spot prefered seratide

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Gladys27 in reply to 19909noVeD

Hi I think we are all different and some meds are good for some and not for others. Can you go back to seretide if you prefer that?

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I too am on azithromycin three times a week no infections and no sude effects I'm aware of at the moment. 🤞

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