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MoneyHelper is a free and impartial service provided by the Money and Pensions Service to ensure people have access to information and help about money choices. You can check out their guidance about benefits, every day money, pensions and retirement as well as money troubles here :

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Thank you Gillian x

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alll advice is welcome . I have just discovered local surgery has a " Social Advisor" she has put me in touch with "snow angels" who run help and assistance ,classes and lunches and help here so are doing a blue badge application for me ( don't think I will get it ) they have a "chatty cafe" in some parts of country pl where a table is labelled that and you can go to just have a chat with anybody sitting there , good for lonely people. Also put me in touch so in touch with Age UK who have a computer expert who has looked at my hacked router problem but no success there yet, says he will come again. that is the problem as it is the router then someone has to come to router ., not like taking computer to local shop. I have done that and have lost things, and files are empty when I need them . Really not a good result but do I blame him or the hackers . ? bur the local shop installed norton which told me where the problem was . the hackers set up a network and put their computer on it and then installed a Parental Control on my computer they can read this too and listen to my phone calls as that goes through router . Phone is cordless so has to do that. I think.

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Who is your internet provider Jaybird? It maybe worth you contacting them and explaining the problem, ask if you can have a different router with a new password, that should help to stop the problem, fingers crossed x

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Thank you Gillian, all helpful links x

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