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I'm looking for recommendations for a private respiratory consultant in central Scotland.

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Hi long story, been suffering with coughing, bringing up phlem, breathlessness and with it, problems with mobility and generally doing anything for ages. Had an appointment with a consultant at my local hospital who was, to be blunt was downright obnoxious! Question, who you that you had asthma? (I have been attending his dept clinics for years), why do you take prednisone? ( it was his staff that wrote to my gp telling him to put it on a repeat prescription), states in a letter to my GP that blood tests I had done showed no allergies.... my GP has documentation from his staff, following the only blood tests I have done, saying that I'm allergic to grass (so I have given up my business which was cutting and maintaining grass!), the tests also showed that I was extremely allergic to cats (we had our 16 year old cat put to sleep a couple of months ago). ALL my problems are in his opinion down to my weight! ( despite being told years ago, before lock down and shielding and before putting on so much weight).

Now looking for second opinion as, tbh, I don't trust the NHS.

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Fortunately for me I have been happy with my support and treatment from the NHS.I hope someone comes along and can provide the information you want.

I am probably in a similar area within Scotland, so look forward to seeing what other information people provide.

Good luck with your search.

Could your GP point you in the right direction?

Sounds like he was trying the NHS stat massaging trick of discharging people, after the news that follow up appointments are being discouraged to free up enough clinical time for all the thousands of patients on the waiting lists following the covid pandemic.

you can ask your GP to refer you for a second opinion in the NHS.Personally I am so grateful to the NHS for still monitoring my problems and providing me with support and timely interventions. I went privately for a knee replacement only because of the long waiting times now, the first one was happily done in the NHS.

Well there is a lot of private consultants popping up all over Central Scotland, Google will provide plenty. Obviously Ross Hall in Crookston Road most established.. easy to reach off M8 ..But please keep in mind costs and also lots of these consultants and doctors work in NHS & ALSO run private clinics at a cost.

I have severe COPD and live in Lanarkshire. I haven’t seen my hospital respiratory consultant since January 2020. All three follow up appointments have been cancelled and I am now on the consultants waiting list. Not happy at all!

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