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Me too Katieoxo

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I tested positive yesterday. Like Katie I was blaming the heat for feeling lousy. It was only when I got a runny nose, headache and annoying wee cough that I tested. Strangely what’s bothering me most are my ankles…..the pain, which comes and goes, is awful. My neck and back did hurt but that’s gone. I’ve had no fever. Like everyone here what worries me is it causing lung problems. I can order tests because I was visiting my mother in a care home and now she’s home I qualify as an unpaid carer (but won’t be doing any caring until I test negative again). I went on the nhs site and all it says is that you should stay at home until you feel better OR until your temperature is normal. Mine is normal but I’m pretty sure I’m infectious. No one is bothering.

I’ve been so careful. For ages now I’ve often been the only one in a shop wearing a mask. No idea where I got this. Seriously scunnered.

38 Replies
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Poor you and hope you feel better really soon. Yes I agree with you, me and hubby are only ones wearing masks in shops etc. It is spreading more rapidly than at any other time, but we are told pandemic is over. All of us at risk need to take all precautions. My friends daughter, in her 20s, who has a rare illness and has to have food via tube caught Covid and has been in hospital for 4 months, the covid went to the peg site in her tummy (where liquid food goes). She has only just come home.It just doesnt stick to the lungs

So so many have covid mildly which is good, but I still haven't succumbed but I think only matter of time.

Take care and hope you are feeling better very soon xx

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teenieleek in reply to Suzie42

Yes, I remember when someone said that everyone would get it eventually we were horrified. It is happening though.

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Suzie42 in reply to teenieleek

I am terrified of getting it, as im sure it will worsen my IPF, i have had 5 vaccines though so fingers crossed

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Sorry you have been hit with the virus teenieleek. My stepdaughter caught it 3 weeks ago and she self isolated until she tested negative. I hope you soon begin to feel better x

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teenieleek in reply to CDPO16

Thank you. I replied to you earlier but it, along with others vanished!

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So sorry to hear your news teenieleek and hoping you make a good recovery. Like you, I’m quite alarmed at how casually covid is being treated now. People aren’t testing and just going on their merry way whilst being infectious. We’ve just recovered from a tummy bug and Pete was so poorly I called an ambulance thinking he had sepsis again. He has no memory of Sunday night. Thank goodness he was discharged at 9am on Monday. I’m terrified of him getting covid.

Thinking of you. Xxx🥰🤗

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Izb1 in reply to sassy59

What a scare for you Carole and so glad Pete is back home. Hopefully your tummy bug is abating now and you can start to feel better x

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sassy59 in reply to Izb1

Much better now thank you Irene. Enjoy your weekend. Xxx💜🥰

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garshe in reply to sassy59

Here in Wales you dont have to test although they are still free until end of month. You don't have to isolate which I dont think is fair and can even go to work. I was not ill with covid as very mild symptoms but stayed at home for over a week until I tested negative. It's very selfish of people to go out and about knowing they have it.

Thankfully I am fully recovered now, although you wouldn't have known i had it .all my sats were normal and I really didnt suffer ,only tested because my Granddaughter and daughter had it. I was dumbfounded to test Positive as had no symptoms. Makes you wonder how many dont test and don't know they have it. That's scary. .hope you and Pete manage to escape it Carole as i know it worries you . KEEP SAFE xx Sheila 😷💕💕🙌

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sassy59 in reply to garshe

Thank you dear Sheila. No free tests here and all too casual for my liking. I’m very pleased you’re doing better now.You take care. Lots of love, Carole xxx💜🥰💕❤️

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teenieleek in reply to garshe

I hope I recover as well as you have but I do have symptoms and my legs are very wobbly but I don’t feel “ill”. Fingers crossed, supposed to be going to Amsterdam next weekend.

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teenieleek in reply to sassy59

It must have been a bad one for you to call an ambulance. Glad you’ve both recovered. It’s scary when you’re both ill, makes you feel vulnerable.

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sassy59 in reply to teenieleek

It was scary but luckily not sepsis. Pete was well cared for. Take care xxx💜

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Alberta56 in reply to sassy59

Thank goodness Pete didn't catch covid in hospital. Hope you are both feeling betterevery day. xxx

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sassy59 in reply to Alberta56

Exactly Alberta. All a big concern but doing better now thank you. Xxx

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madonbrew in reply to sassy59

Oh no, Carole that’s a horrible time you’re having! I’m glad to read Pete’s home now but it sounds scary !Really big love for both of you! xxx 😘

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sassy59 in reply to madonbrew

All good now Dee. Thank you for caring. You take care and lots of love to you. Xxx😎💙💜

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So sorry to hear you have the dreaded bug and hope you get better soon, rest up and plenty of tlc. I have heard plenty of people say, oh! I have a terrible cold but have not tested so dont know if it was a cold or covid, no wonder its spreading quickly x

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teenieleek in reply to Izb1

Thank you. I’ve got free tests because I’m an unpaid carer. Like you say, I’m not sure I would have tested if I had had to go and buy them because my symptoms could have been something else.

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Hope you begin to feel better soon teenieleek. I had to smile at the word 'scunnered'. Took me right back to my Glasgow roots.

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teenieleek in reply to Annscottie

It’s the only word that adequately covers how I feel right now!

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Sorry to hear you have covid. Hope you’re better soon and your legs are back to normal xx

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teenieleek in reply to watergazer

Thank you. Ankles are less sore now than earlier.

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watergazer in reply to teenieleek


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Oh dear hope you are better soon. People aren't as cautious any more but I like you and most of us on here still ware facemasks. I hope you recover soon and your mam is alright. Have a lovely day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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teenieleek in reply to Damon1864

Thank you. The timing is lousy with her just getting home on Tuesday but she has carers going in.

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So sorry you've caught it. Hope you will soon be feeling better, but this heat doesn't help at all. I'm afraid the virus just floats around, so we could catch it anywhere. More likely in a crowded room, but even out in the wild we are not 100% safe. Fingers crossed that the temperature will come down soon and that those horrible sounding aches and pains will depart. xxx

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teenieleek in reply to Alberta56

Thanks. The temperature is already down here, we’ve had our two days of summer!

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So sorry to hear this Teenie, I sincerely hope that you feel better very soon, recover well & make it to Amsterdam. I was at the dentist yesterday (twice in fact), I was staggered by the the complete lack of precautions. Only the dentist, nurses and hygienist were wearing masks . Previously we had to ring reception from front step then had to wait outside in all weathers until dentist was ready . I'd feel safer if everywhere would revert to precautions at least to protect the vulnerable. It's madness xx P

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Thanks but the vulnerable have to look after themselves now. I did try but failed.

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So sorry you have fallen foul of the covid, especially after being careful for so long. Do hope you recover quickly and feel better soon. As you say, it's rife, and no one seems to care that they are infectious!! All the best xxx 😊

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Hope you will feel good again soon. I am beginning to wonder how much longer I will be able to keep free of it. A month or so in 2 different hospitals and I remained free, seemed most unlikely but it happened. At present the Carers are still testing, but I do wonder how long that will go on, or whether we will eventually have to pay for their tests, if we want them to be tested.

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teenieleek in reply to SORRELHIPPO

Not sure about whether you’ll ever have to pay for carers to test, no sign so far but who knows? After two years of being told to shield because I was at high risk apparently I am no longer eligible for booster or anti-virals. Is this a miracle, am I cured? Reluctantly, on current evidence i.e. my symptoms, maybe they are right that I don’t need special consideration although I know others, without lung disease, who are really quite unwell. This is now a matter of luck. Which variant, how big a viral load you get and how your immune system + vaccinations deal with it. Unless you’re immuno-suppressed you’re on your own.

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Hope you recover well and soon. I was quite like someone with flu when I had it in June. Aching bones, temperature, cough etc. Its taken few weeks to feel lot more like old energy levels. Some people hardly have symptoms. Hope you are mild illness. P.s. like you I wore masks, did every care to avoid,

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I hope you’re soon testing neg again teenieleek and are fully recovered very soon! x

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Hope you're starting to feel better now. I was infectious with Covid for about 10 days, but it took another 5 after that for me to feel my usual self again.

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teenieleek in reply to Ergendl

Thanks. I thought I was better so went for a walk yesterday to post a card but discovered that I’m quite breathless on an incline. I hadn’t noticed in the house. My husband now has it with different symptoms; a sore throat and cough which I haven’t had. It’s a strange virus this.

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Ergendl in reply to teenieleek

I think it gets you at your weakest points. I've always had problems with nose and throat infections, and that's how it presented at first.

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