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Hi, I don't often post much on here, but I'm trying to find out if the Fostair inhaler causes acid reflux.

My husband had mild Asthma and mild COPD.

He stopped using his Fostair for a few days to test it and had none, but he can't be without his inhaler. So we need to know for sure if it is the cause.

If it does cause the reflux then we might have to find a different type/brand of inhaler.

So if anyone has any experience with this or suggestions that would be appreciated. Thank you. 🙂

52 Replies
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I’m not sure on that one Vortex, but the two things - acid reflux and asthma seem to be linked. I take Fostair and have acid reflux, but my acid reflux started before I was diagnosed with asthma.

Does your husband take Lanzoprozole? I take one each day and in a flair I can double the dose. I also have Gaviscon which I take occasionally.

I think this (possible link between Fostair and reflux) is worth discussing with your husbands GP. I had a similar thing with atorvastatin causing tiredness which I identified when I had missed a couple of doses, and the GP was very good.

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vortex0 in reply to Troilus

No he doesn't take that, but he does use Gaviston and Rennies.

But he often gets acid at night and wakes up from it, then takes the tablets but he doesn't get much sleep because of that and often has to try to sleep sitting up.

If Asthma itself caused it then how come he doesn't have it when he stops the inhaler?

Also, if it would be the inhaler brand, do the other inhalers cause it as well?

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Take a look at the encl leaflet or speak to pharmacist.i take fostair with no link.gerds v common with lung disease.was hubby using rennies+ gaviscon b4 fostair?has he adjusted diet to help? X

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vortex0 in reply to Patk1

No he never had acid before he used Fostair and he could eat anything he liked. Now he tries to be careful with things like chocolates and biscuits or fatty foods especially in the evening.

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Patk1 in reply to vortex0

I wld chat to pharmacist or dr for help/advice xx

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vortex0 in reply to Patk1

Yes that is of course a good idea and an option we will take as well. It's just that the people on here have real personal experience with all the ups, downs and meds for lung trouble and know often more than the doctors and pharmacists. So I thought to ask here first.🙂

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When I was first diagnosed with COPD I was given standard Ventolin (blue). I immediately started to have discomfort, like indigestion, which I'd never suffered from before.

GP wanted me to take Omeprazole but I wasn't convinced I needed it, I only had the discomfort when I started using the inhaler.

Different inhalers were tried and eventually it was discovered that it was the propellant in a metered dose inhaler that was causing the problem. I was switched to a breath activated inhaler and have had no problem since.

If Asthma itself caused it then how come he doesn't have it when he stops the inhaler?

If he doesn't have it when he stops the inhaler I think there's a big clue there. See if the inhaler can be changed and see what happens.

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vortex0 in reply to SeasideSusie

Yeah, you are right with it being a big clue.

Interesting about the propellant. I will look into that for him. Any specific one you could recommend?

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SeasideSusie in reply to vortex0

No, I can't recommend one I'm afraid, I believe Fostair is a steroid inhaler and I don't use a steroid one.

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vortex0 in reply to SeasideSusie

Well thanks anyway. I'll look into it myself. 🙂

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Dewbuc in reply to vortex0

i just copied this authoritative link below from the Mayo Clinic in the US. I would suggest talking to your GP regarding the acid reflux. Treatment with proton pump inhibitors (omeprazole) can be very effective as a regular prophylactic medication. It cuts down stomach acid dramatically but be warned this reduces Vitamin B12 absorption as a direct result. This can be a problem, especially as you get older hen B12 absorption is normally reduced, but a vitamin B12 tablet counteracts this. It is an important side effect that is rarely mentioned. A deficiency of B12 can be serious and the vitamin tablets are extremely safe and effective.

"Asthma and acid reflux often occur together. It isn't clear why, but it's known that acid reflux can worsen asthma and asthma can worsen acid reflux — especially severe acid reflux, a condition known as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).Asthma and acid reflux can occur together in children as well as in adults. In fact, about half the children with asthma also have GERD.Treating acid reflux might help ease symptoms. You may be able to control acid reflux with over-the-counter medications — for example, a proton pump inhibitor, such as omeprazole (Prilosec OTC). Avoiding reflux triggers, such as fatty foods, alcohol and tobacco, also might help.If that's not enough, you might need prescription medications. If you have asthma and think you might have acid reflux, talk to your doctor about the best treatments.In some cases, asthma medications can worsen acid reflux. This is particularly true of theophylline (Elixophyllin, Theo-24, Theochron). But don't quit taking or change asthma medications without getting your doctor's OK first."

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I'v used Fostair (the aerosol type, not the powder one) for about 4/5 years. .however, I've had acid reflux for 40 years so its definitely not the cause.

To alleviate the acid reflux I avoid avoid animal fats, most oils, all citrus fruits and acid food ie vinegar (except raw apple cider vinegar) . Always rinse & gargle after using inhalers.

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vortex0 in reply to peege

Yes he always rinses and gargles after taking it. He doesn't eat much citrus fruit.

I have seen the YouTube videos about using Apple vinegar for acid reflux, but he isn't keen. He did try it once but never got going with it. Maybe he didn't dilute it enough.

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anban18 in reply to vortex0

Sainsbury's has a cider vinegar called 'Willys' - always makes me smile ?! BUT I have this apple cider vinegar once everyday - following the instructions - it has honey, turmeric and black pepper - the family run business has a web site - my 'concoction' is about 25 ml of ACV then I add about a third tonic water and top up with sparkling water (I drink it through a straw trying to preserve the gnashers) I find it refreshing and beneficial and NOT shuddering - you can try using other variations to suit your taste buds ??!! individual tastes apply ......... as I tell people DON'T knock it until you have tried it - my vet is now a convert more recently ........... hope this helps

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vortex0 in reply to peege

Maybe it is the steroids that give him the acid. At the end of the day we do all react different to different meds. As you use it without problems.

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peege in reply to vortex0

I know if I have anything with butter in it I've had it, same with palm oil (which seems to be in everything even biscuits), rapeseed oil, cream or chocolate😭. I use only raw apple cider vinegar from healt food shop in salad dressing or with local honey in a warm drink.

When bad l'lI buy omeprazole from the chemist , its marvellous.

Perhaps your husband has a hiatus hernia

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vortex0 in reply to peege

He would prefer to take a more natural solution if we can find one, but I'll also keep omeprazole in mind. He's never used that yet.

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One of the members who used to be on here called 2greys changed to slippery elm as he believed that the ppi's were doing him no good, you maybe able to find the post in the search box. I think you may need to go back tk the gp with this one x

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vortex0 in reply to Izb1

Yes I remember him posting on here. I'll have a look at the slippery elm.

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Hi, I take Fostair but don't suffer acid reflux but do find getting off to sleep harder . That's due to the steroid element.

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have been on Fosair and had to take Omeprazole twice a day. Not sure what would happen if I stopped taking.

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I have both acid reflux and asthma ( and bronchiectasis). Steroids can make acid reflux worse but having said that I had acid reflux before I went on Fostair which has helped me so much more than my previous inhaler. Maybe chat to his asthma nurse? It's taken me three years to find a diet that works! Good luck to him.

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doc1947g in reply to vittorio

Please, do not write with Caps Lock because it means that you are yelling.


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Hallo. I've been on fostair for a year now. Never had any repercussions at sure helps wishes. Ian.

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Antihistamines can cause reflux

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The EMC website may tell you more

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Hi Vortex, my mother has Bronchiectasis and more recently diagnosed with asthma. Over the past few months she was going to bed and would start to struggle for breath or wake up choking and described a lump in her throat. She would have to get up to get relief. Lack of sleep was really an issue and low mood and concentration. She is on Fostair but for a year before this happened. After a 2 week trial of Omeprazole, every other day, the issue has gone away, she has been given another 2 to 4 weeks and the GP says she can then come off them and see if it remains at bay. Incidentally she also swapped to Trimbow from Fostair for other reasons and also funds this beneficial. She has also for bladder reasons cut out caffeine and citrus which may also be a help? I wish you luck.

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Hi, I use Fosrair, no problem with reflux unless I eat certain foods. I am taking meds for reflux and they are working fine. You should get your husband to ring the GP they will advise him. Take care, Maximonkey

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Acid reflux is common with COPD and can start off an coughing attack leading to a flare up. It’s best( and common) to take lansoprazole or Omeprazole twice a day before meals to prevent this. Evening reflux is the worse as lying down causes the coughing.

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I take Lanzaprozole to counter my acid reflux. If acid from your stomach finds its way up to your mouth and then down into your lungs, it can cause damage and bronchiectasis. I found a course of Doxycycline gave me oesophagitis; very painful, and Gaviscon helped a bit with that.

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Thanks for posting this. I also take Fostair and suffer from reflux/burping especially at night. Good to read the replies to your post.

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vortex0 in reply to Turfcare

Thank you all very much for your replies. They give a lot of food for thought.

It seems that quite a few of you suffer with acid reflux. And most of you take meds for that, which will come with their own set of side effects. And some are not really good for you and will have other knock-on effects on your health.

So it looks like the use of inhalers could be a cause, but the reason I asked specifically about Fostair is that I use an inhaler (Duaklir) myself for COPD and have no problems with acid. So my husband tried a few days without his inhaler and had no acid and on purpose he ate chocolates, biscuits and some greasy food in the evening to give it a proper testing, but yesterday he had to go back on it and had no acid either last night. Hmmm? So......we have to see if it comes back or not over the coming days.

He didn't get acid straight away after the first time starting to use Fostair either, so this is a bit of a test. He also stopped taking some other meds just to see if any others are causing it. Hopefully we can find out the cause by eliminating certain meds (for a short while). And if it is the Fostair in his case then he could try a different inhaler maybe.

We will have to see. I will let you know what we will find out though. Thank you all for your help.🙂👍

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Hi ghoust rider here i am suffing from relux over the last 6 ths sometime it feels like hart problems i am on blue inhaler & and electical inhaler they tell me so food i eat / i have a pint friday night in witch i been told not to have also i have a brandy 7 tonic sat thats my limit some days i feel so low because you cant have what you like i have cops / bronicals problems / new maoner in sytem my consulant told me he cant help me cant save every body what a bed side manner so sorry i gone on but fostair my brother on he having bad reflux to ask the doctor thats if you get on with him

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vortex0 in reply to ghousrider

It sounds like you need a different doctor. I had to try several different brands of inhalers before I found one that agreed with me. Some just made matters worse and gave me palpitations and actually did quite the opposite of what they should do, even though for some people they worked great. So see if your doctor will agree to give you a different inhaler to try.

Of course a healthy lifestyle and healthy food will be good for you. If you are overweight it can cause extra problems and too much alcohol is no good for anyone. But if you do things in moderation I personally don't see how it could affect your COPD. And yes sadly there are things we can't do anymore depending how bad our lungs are, but try to focus on the things that still give you some pleasure. Family, hobbies? 🙂

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ghousrider in reply to ghousrider

my brother moved out of area for a while hes only just got this one he will keep looking

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Hi I’m on Fostair and don’t have problems with it. I do however take a 20mg tablet twice a day of Omeprazole. I had more of a problem when the surgery tried to change my inhaler and my ventolin. My Fostair is 200/6 this different one was 100/6 and they wanted me to cut down to one puff once a day. I ended up having another bout of Aspergillosis and was poorly for seven weeks.

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Mavary in reply to Mavary

I’m on 2x 200/6 in the morning and 1x 200/6 at night.

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,I'I'm on Fostair 3300 for the last 2 years and have not had this problem.problem.I suffered with reflux for a few years about 110 years ago so I know what it'it's like and it can lead to serious problems over time.time.Look up Barret'Barret's oesophagus.oesophagus.Suggest getting acid inhibiter from''t ignore luck.

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I’ve been using Fostair now for two years and have never had reflux problems. I hope you can find an answer for your husband.

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I haven’t got reflux whilst on fostair x

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I dont know Ive never used it or heard of it i use ventolin & serevent

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I think the user may need to gargle after using this inhaler. Check with pharmacist.

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Hi there I also had mild asthma and used fostair for a very short time as it did the exact same thing with me acid reflux ,bad cramps in stomach ,bloating and gas.and the effects were immediate .the asthma nurse said it couldn't possibly be related as you only inhaled it but I asked to go back on clenil modulite and as soon as I did all those horrible side effects were gone So yes I would say it certainly does cause these for your husband ,I felt ill with it

Hope this helps and he gets something more suitable

Kind regards


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vortex0 in reply to Valmurd

Ah, well my husband also suffers with bloating en discomfort in his belly but not all the time.

Last night, as he had to go back on the Fostair, he had acid again. Now you confirmed it for me, I will have a look at different inhalers.

What nurses and doctors say I hardly ever take for Gospel. We have had too many misdiagnoses in our life from that lot and with bad results.

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Absolutely the nurse said I was talking rubbish I mean I don't suffer from stomach or acid disorders but the discomfort Foster caused was terribleSwitching back to clenil it stopped immediately I'm wondering if fostair is cheaper ...they told me it was more effective as smaller particles but definitely had a negative impact to me

Hope this helps and hopefully your husband gets the right one that agrees with him

I felt ill with Fostair

All the best 👍



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vortex0 in reply to Valmurd

Yes it is often about the money. 😠

I was very ill with COPD last year and in hospital and could not take my usual duaklir inhaler, so they got an alternative one, spirolto. I said to the nurse that that one didn't not agree with me before, so was very reluctant to use it. She said as if I was some little child, "you know how to use it?!" I said yes I do, then she said, "they are all the same so don't overthink it, just take it". 😲 I wonder what she tells people with a nut allergy...don't overthink it.🤔

So yeah, I do not have much faith in what they say.

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does he use it with a face mask as I find I can only use asthma meds this way

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vortex0 in reply to honeysuckle78

Not a face mask, but I think you mean a spacer. And yes he does use that.

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I have had reflux (Gastro Reflux Oesophageal Disorder - GORD) for years, well before I developed asthma and started on Fostair. All I can say is that Fostair tends to give me hand shakes which wears off after a few hours. I haven't noticed any increase in reflux with fostair, and take my usual medication (omeprozole) for it which makes a difference.

I tried another inhaler, which didn't work as well, so went back to the fostair and just put up with the side effects. Many people with asthma seem to have reflux.

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vortex0 in reply to strongmouse

Ok, so you already had reflux and use omeprozole like most of the people on here.

You say that many people with asthma seem to have refux. It looks like that, but then would it not be because of the use of inhalers? (and in this case specifically Fostair) My husband never had acid reflux before he had asthma, which he got later in life in his 50s. He used Fostair then and got reflux. He weaned himself off the inhalers and didn't use them for a long time, but a couple of years ago he needed them again and the acid reflux came back as soon as he started on Fostair again. So that is the reason why I'm now looking into Fostair as the culprit. Maybe it is just coincidence.

With taking inhalers come side effects, most medicine do, but for me it is about how much discomfort that side effect gives you and how much damage they do to your body. Some side effects become illnesses all by themselves and then you take meds for that as well...and so on...causing people to be on loads of meds. And omeprozole also comes with some side effects that are let say less desirable.

I like to avoid all that as good as I can.

Thanks for you input. It all helps to find out what is what.🙂

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I am having same problem, reflux and stomach pain come back, only explanation can be that it coincides with starting Fostair 200 four weeks ago. Now back on omeprazole and can't persuade Dr that it's fostair causing it

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