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Hi ,I'ma bit worried that I am taking to much Ventolin, it doesn't do a lot for me but helps a little ,problem is I am using it 2puff 4 times a day ,before covid I was using it 3 times a day ,but during covid and now 4 times a day ,I've read only to use it when necessary, this sounds to me as if I am using to much ,then agian if I need 4 time a day ,does anyone else use it thus often

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Using Ventolin so often suggests any preventative inhaler you are using isn’t helpful in keeping your symptoms under control. Ideally you shouldn’t need to use Ventolin every day, whether that be 3X or 4x. Personally I wouldn’t be too worried about needing it often whilst you recover from Covid but subsequently you should be able to dramatically lessen amounts of usage. I think you should talk with your gp and look into a different preventative inhaler. IF gp is unable to help then I think you should insist on referral to respiratory consultant.

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Cloudancer in reply to Bevvy

Great reply Bevvy just what I was going to say!!!!

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Izb1 in reply to Bevvy

Hi Bevvy, is there are preventative inhaler for bronchiectasis ? My consultant never gave me anything. I did have a brown inhaler when they thought I had asthma but took me off it when I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis x

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Alice70 in reply to Izb1

I have broncheicstasis, I take trimbow ,and ventilin, I also have emphysema

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Izb1 in reply to Alice70

Ah, the emphysema explains the trimbow, sorry I thought it was just bronch that you had. Hopefully your gp will be able to help you out with meds x

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Looddog in reply to Alice70

Trimbow makes me cough so I only take one puff if that does anyone else have the same?

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Bevvy in reply to Izb1

Honestly not certain but am sure someone more knowledgeable will be able to answer that question.

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Alberta56 in reply to Izb1

I was prescribed Relvar Ellipta when I was just diagnosed with asthma. No-one suggested stopping it when the diagnosis changed to bronchiectasis.

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Izb1 in reply to Alberta56

I dont think Relvar Ellipta is a preventer and maybe suits you, it is prescribed for copd as well so maybe covers a number of lung conditions . I have found it very difficult to find an inhaler that is right for me as most of the time nothing seems to work, so use them as and when needed. I hope this one is right for you x

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Alberta56 in reply to Izb1

I hope you can find something that suits. I find the vast numbers of inhalers on the market confusing, most of which I'dnever heard of until I started reading Health Unlocked.

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Alice70 in reply to Bevvy

I'm actually seeing my gp tomorrow ,I'll wention it to him thank you Bevvy

Hi Alice, I use 2 puffs of ventolin 4 times a day but it's before I use fostair which is also 4 times a day for me. I sometimes use it extra times too. I don't think that it is too much if it is helping even a little. You are still recovering from covid and a chest infection and it may well be that as time goes on you will gradually need it less frequently. Best wishes Carole xx

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Alice70 in reply to CDPO16

Hi Carol thank you for being so helpful when ever I ask a question ,before being put on trimbow I was on fostair and spiriva ,I'm told trimbow is the same as fostair only it is a three in one ,I've asked can I go back on fostair ,was told trimbow better tham fostair ,at least when I was on fostair I could take an extra puff to my twice a day , been told to stick to my two puffs twice a day on trimbow,and not to take anymore ,trimbow hardly works for me ,this is the reason I take more ventilin

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CDPO16 in reply to Alice70

I'm sorry that you find Trimbow less effective than fostair Alice. It seems like you are always battling something and I feel for you. Perhaps if you could explain to your doctor that you find you need more ventolin since going on trimbow it might help in getting it changed back to fostair and spiriva. What you were told about the trimbow doesn't necessarily mean it's better for you if you find it less effective. In the meantime I wouldn't worry about the amount of ventolin you are using at the moment. Wishing you well xx

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Alice70 in reply to CDPO16

Thank you carol

It doesn’t work for me either so I have been advised by my consultant to stick to spiriva and fostair.hope you get some help.Alison xx

No Alice ,if you need it then use it. I have steps to my drive and Respiratory team advised me to take a few puffs of ventolin before I go out. Also to use it before any exertion..xxSheila 💕

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Alice70 in reply to garshe

I feel more reassured now thank you Sheila

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garshe in reply to Alice70

I have used my Ventolin more today as for some reason was short of breath havent got an infection or anything so could be the weather ,anyway I even had 4 puffs at one time and felt better after. My recommended dose is 2puffs in morning and evening. I always have it with me and take it if needed. Take care Sheila xx👍💕

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Alice70 in reply to garshe

Thanks Sheila spoke to my gp this morning ,feeling much better about taking 4x2 puffs a day now

I also use Ventolin more than suppose to, but find it necessary to help with breathlessness, like you I don't think it's much help but it's my prop when needed. My Respiratory team I find is no help & when I asked to change my Trimbow they said I'm on the best one so won't listen. I'm slowly giving up & sympathise with you as feel you're going through the same thing.

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Alice70 in reply to Jansy16

Same here Jansy, they keep tell ing me trimbow is the best ,then I think ok my condition must have progressed, then I'm thinking even it has for Petes sake try me on something else,maybe they don't know what to try us on

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Jansy16 in reply to Alice70

Yes Alice because they don't suffer with the constant breathlessness they don't understand what we are going through. It's all very well them reading about our condition but everyone is different. Thank you for replying & it's good to know I'm not alone.

You will soon know if using too much ventolin as it gives you the shakes, I am sure what you are using is about normal but if worried ask your GP or even a chemist.

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Alice70 in reply to gingermusic

Thank you hinger

So sorry to hear you have not been feeling well.There are some awesome replies from fellow dodgy lung buddies that I really can't better.

Hope you feel better soon-and do seek medical help if you suddenly deteriorate or you have concerns.

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Alice70 in reply to Cloudancer

Thank you cloudancer

Hi Alice72, I have a prescription for two puffs 4x a day for my cough but I use it a little less as it does make the hands shake which does not help my benign hand tremor that I have had since birth. It does help the breathing but not my ongoing cough from COPD . Hope this info helps you.

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Alice70 in reply to katieoxo60

Yes,thank you katie

I am on Ventolin 2 puffs x 4 daily along with Trimbow 2 puffs twice daily for Bronchiectasis and small airways disease. The Consultant told me the ventolin opens up the airways to aid breathing and makes it easier to cough up the gunk for the bronch. The Trimbow is a combination inhaler and also opens up the airways amongst other things. I definitely feel the benefit of using ventolin. Hope this helps?

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Alice70 in reply to panthor

I don't feel much benefit from using ventolin ,this is why I need so many puffs ,feeling not so worried know others use it as much as I do

Hi Alice,I probably use it too much, but was told to use it before taking Trimbow. However, I also take it before a walk, and need more puffs as the day goes on - basically when I begin to get tired. I also take it in the middle of the night if I wake up and go to the loo, which is upstairs.

I suspect that I don't inhale it that well, hence having to take more puffs than someone who inhales better than me.

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Alice70 in reply to anng18

I also use in the middle of the night ,as at least it gives me a little benifit

Hi Alice, if you need it at the moment then I would take it. I find that with having bronchiectasis that ventolin sometimes helps and sometimes makes me worse so take it when I need it. I do wonder if because of bronch our airways are already wide open that it only helps sometimes. I do hope you get better soon, plenty of rest and tlc x

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Alice70 in reply to Izb1

I was told that Ventolin is mainly for asthma, I do find if I have mucus stuck it does help bring it up ,so it must be doing something ,but not much for breathing in my case

If you need it use it ...everyone's unique in their requirements sometimes I use mine 5 times daily sometimes I don't use at all ..Don't leave yourself breathless due to what it says on the can ..

Speak to your doctor regarding your issues but I use mine when and if I need to 💜

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Alice70 in reply to Blackbird9

I am actually seeing gp tomorrow, I will speak with him ,thank you blackbird

Firstly I’d say we are all different and you should seek information from a professional.

For me personally I don’t use mine as much as I probably should but my specialists are happy with me taking up to 7 puffs at a time and as often as I feel necessary .

I also feel it’s not over helpful until I take a breathing test without ventolin and then with ventolin and every time I find the results are better after taking ventolin . So I’d say even if you don’t feel any better I’m sure it’s helping ❤️

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Alice70 in reply to Rich1957

Yes I believe 8 puffs in an emergency

I use it as much as I need to with no apparent ill effect.

Hello Alice. I wish I could help you but inhalers do not work with Bronchiolitis Obliterans at all. So my doctors and I did try but stopped very early on after diagnosis. Maybe you need a meds review if the current regime is not working. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. Much love to you,

Cas xx 🙋‍♀️🐕

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Alice70 in reply to Caspiana

Thanks Capiana ,had appointment to gp this morning,he told me to use ventilin as much as I need it ,if that means 4x2 daily then do so

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Caspiana in reply to Alice70

Good that you got advice Alice. xx 🌿

I use blue salbutamol as and when I need it - normally when I active and I found a spacer helps to get the meds down. Every morning I use one puff of trelegy which I’m still not sure is great for me having come off spiriva and another inhaler. I was told the trelegy had all the meds in there. I never worry how often I use salbutamol as on clinical trial they say should be used regularly not necessarily when I need it. Maybe your gp can help? Good luck

Honey, I suggest you ring your surgery and ask for an appointment for a respiratory review. Then pop into your usual pharmacy & ask to speak to the pharmacist him/herself. I don’t think your present usage will kill you, but the pharmacist can advise. Good luck. Let us know the outcomes.

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Alice70 in reply to Hobbledehoy

Saw gp this morning ,he reassured me that it was OK to use 4x2 daily if I need it

Hi AliceIf your Gp gave you ventolin it’s a reliever and you use it when needed, so if you need it use it. If you are worried about using it too much talk about it to your doctor. I use it more than that sometimes and it helps that is what it’s for hope this helps.

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Alice70 in reply to Eian59

Thank you Eian

I have the same problemMy g p told me to take it ad hoc take no motice of overdosing which I have to say I thought was odd

Anyhow after my French trip I'm seeing a specialist in Asthma management and when I spoke to her she was totally lost for words!!!!

Go to your doctor and make sure you are HEARD

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