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Hi advice please my husband has just tested positive for covid , I’ have asthma and mild emphysema I’ve managed so long not getting it , I will be sleeping in diff room etc but if we got it do we get the medication for it does anyone know ? Also what is the guidelines now because his boss has said he can go to work it’s crazy she said just wear a mask

29 Replies
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Hi Hometeam, your husband should be self isolating as he could so easily pass it on I personally think his boss is being really irisponsable. Let your GP know he has tested positive and he will give you both medication if needed. Hope your husband recovers soon. Have a good weekend and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

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Hometeam2016 in reply to Damon1864

Ty yes I’ve told him to still isolate I think it’s so wrong for his boss to say ThT , she also said there is people at work positive they just wear a mask

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Maricopa in reply to Hometeam2016

That’s just plain ridiculous to go to work with Covid! Clearly not everyone survives!!

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Hometeam2016 in reply to Maricopa

Yep his not going to work his worried about losing money but I said I’ll do overtime to try and cover what he loses

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Check out the NHS website on Covid-19 , hopefully that will offer some advice .Sorry I can’t be of more help .

I hope you manage to keep Covid free .

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Hometeam2016 in reply to knitter

Ty x

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I believe that the advice is that anyone with covid should self isolate as a matter of good practice but employers are no longer required to let employees do so. I personally think that it would be best if your husband stayed off work, perhaps with a self sickness certificate and a GP one after that if needed and if your GP would agree. Without those he won't, as far as I know, get statutory sick pay. If I'm totally wrong about this I hope someone will correct me.

As for antiviral medication, it is only being given to certain categories of people, ie those who are immunosuppressed as far as I know but your GP should be able to advise. I hope that you are able to stay safe and not catch it too.

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Hometeam2016 in reply to CDPO16

Ty x

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Hey Hometeam I've got absolutely no advice whatsoever..I don't have a scooby about the rules and procedures anymore just wanted to wish your hubby a speedy recovery and hope you manage to dodge the bugger..🤞 Goodluck..sending a socially distanced hug 🤗.

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Hometeam2016 in reply to Ravey

Ty x

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I do know those testing positive no longer have to isolate. However, I had covid at the beginning of February and though it was rubbish I am ok thanks to the jabs and it being a milder variety of the virus. I was scared at first cuz I was told in the first wave I wouldn't survive.

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Hometeam2016 in reply to Karenanne61

Yes tbh I’m scared of catching it as I have emphysema x

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Karenanne61 in reply to Hometeam2016

That's perfectly understandable. I was really scared, especially after shielding for so long.

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Hometeam2016 in reply to Karenanne61

Yeah i shielded and avoided it even when I had to go back to work I’m a carer so when we had positive cases I didn’t get sent into the patient

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hypercat54 in reply to Hometeam2016

Hi I have mild copd and asthma and certainly never shielded at all. I think it was only necessary really for those who have severe conditions whose life would be at high risk even if triple jabbed. Or if you are very old.

Of course no one wants to catch covid but there has to be a balance as I wasn't and am not going to put my life on hold. I didn't see it as necessary for those with mild conditions. But each to their own I guess. I hope you manage to avoid it though.

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Hometeam2016 in reply to hypercat54

I only really followed what ever guidelines from my gp he sent the emails also I’m on immunosuppressants see I guess due to that I’ve not really gone out which is my choice but it’s made it worse by shielding before ,

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Hi Hometeam2016, Kanafapot started a thread Anti-Virals for CEV on here and there is a link to the NHS England website,

hopefully that might be some help.


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Hi.. I shielded for 2yrs but caught omicron off husband. Fortunately it was much milder than expected.I have Bronchiectasis & other issues but was unable to get Antivirals.

However, my breathing/lungs not affected:just achey & weak, like flu. Husband seemed to have heavy head cold & very tired.

Hoping you will both be OK!Agree, totally irresponsible re employer expecting your husband to work.

Take care,

Linda x

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Hi I am also on immune suppressants and caught covid at the beginning of April, my consultant did not suggest I was provided the medication when I made contact with her for advice on this, she told me the advise they gave out was to stop immune suppressants for 14 days and hoped I had a mild case and speedy recovery. 3 days after I tested positive my husband tested positive, he was clear on the 3 days after I tested positive. I remained with a positive test for 12 days and my husband 10 days, he is asthmatic.

We were both obviously very concerned about how we were going to be. It was like have a very bad cold, cough, runny nose, headache, then blocked nose, sore throat, mucous and very very tired with no energy. Now we are very much improving with each day getting our energy levels back.

We tried to take a small walk each day taking in fresh air and exercise, no contact with anyone else, take regular Paracetamol, throat lozenges, Ibuprofen when required, anti sickness medication for me, masses of water, lots of rest and lots of sleep. It was hard at first but got easier especially when I calmed down my thoughts about about how bad we might get. We know exactly where I caught it, my very first outing for a meal in a restaurant...

I would suggest you test yourself pretty regular now your husband is positive and act upon any symptoms straight away.

So far as your husbands company asking him to go into work this is irresponsible however it is what many companies are doing now.

Take care.

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Hello Hometeam, I hope you avoid the virus and that your husband is soon better. I would have thought you are eligible for the new treatment if you do catch it. I have bronchiectasis and caught covid in January. It was not too bad- high temperature, sore throat and coughing for 3 days, then gradually back to normal except for more tiredness than usual. My husband and daughter were in close proximity but neither of them caught it. The present strain is much less deadly, especially if your injections are up to date. Good luck. Let us know how you get on.

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Hi Hometeam, I have very severe emphysema and I am on oxygen. My doctor told me I might not survive covid! I caught it a month ago and for several days I felt very unwell. However it did not really affect my breathing. Every day I received a call from the covid team. They were brilliant and helped me overcome my anxieties about having covid. I have my own oximeter so would give them my sats and my temperature. I was told I could ring them any time I was worried. After two weeks I was more or less back to normal. I hope your husband makes the decision to stay at home while he is positive. Hopefully you won’t catch it but if you do I’m sure you will be fine😊xxx

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I have asthma severe emphysema and to top that I have pulmonary hypertension. I caught covid in Jan. I never ate for 4 days and had antibiotics as went straight to chest. I virtually slept for a week. My son popped up regular to check on me. He wore a mask and didn't catch it. I think if your hubby doesn't feel well enough to forget work for a while. I know the new rules say to carryon as normal. Easier said then done. My oxygen has gone from 10litres to 15. Hospital say its long covid. Good luck to you both. It is now a milder strain. Thank goodnessKate x

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Hi I have COPD my wife caught it at the school she works at , we have just a small 2 bedroomed house, with our youngest still at home I didn't catch it. I had 3 jabs at the time (Now 4) but testing every other day I remained clear.

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Hometeam2016 in reply to mikecom1

Ty , it’s hard but we r working it out I just think I’m paranoid because of our health conditions x

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mikecom1 in reply to Hometeam2016

I didn't know until she had it for 3 days, her lateral flow Friday was clear, but when PCR tested on the Monday she had it, the student that infected her was the Thursday before. So I guessed if I was going to get it I probably already had it, if you know what I mean.

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I am not sure if it is the case, but there is a monoclonal antibody in the us that they can give to prevent infection. It may be worth a look where you are.

in reply to TumbleDrum

Evusheld is now licensed in the UK but only available to a very limited number of people that meet specific criteria, and only for those that haven’t recently had confirmed exposure to someone positive. The following is from the UK government website:

‘Evusheld has been approved for use in adults who are unlikely to mount an immune response from COVID-19 vaccination or for whom vaccination is not recommended.

Recipients should not be currently infected with or had recent known exposure to a person infected with the COVID-19 virus.’

His boss is technically right, there’s nothing that says he HAS to self isolate. Not anymore. However, whilst it’s no longer a legal requirement, the guidance does remain people that are positive should still isolate and stay at home. It’s no wonder infection rates are on the rise again if you’ve got people like that telling staff to come in regardless. Here’s the NHS link explaining what people should do if they test positive:

In terms of accessing antivirals, the criteria are quite specific. For most respiratory patients, the only people that would currently be eligible are those taking oral steroids (like pred) at a dose equivalent to or above 10mg a day for the 28 days prior to infection. For immunosuppressed patients, it primarily depends on what drugs you’re taking. Anyone taking a biologic drug for the treatment of arthritis is eligible, but those taking just traditional DMARDS like methotrexate wouldn’t be, even if taking more than one. Anyone on chemo for cancer. Those that are taking immunosuppressants following transplant, including bone marrow. There is some flexibility particularly where people have multiple health conditions, but a doctor has to conclude that antivirals are appropriate. If you don’t already meet the criteria, if you do test positive, give 111 a call and they’ll get a doctor to triage whether or not it’s necessary for you to receive antivirals.

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Only eligible for antivirals if you have been sent a letter. If it helps my husband had covid and although I was caring for him I didn't get it.. so 🤞

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