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Hi I asked the forum a few weeks ago for anyone who is taking this tablet.

I have been taking it for 4 weeks now but can't actually see any improvement. it just makes me so tired in the evening.

what I would really like to know is does this tablet take a long time before I see the benefit.

thank you so much, I would be really interested on any advice.

25 Replies
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Hey! Ive been using montelukast since childhood. The key to see any improvement for this is consistency.

Montelukast works by blocking leukotriene receptors that cause inflammation leading to obstruction in airways and worsening of asthma.

But for asthma management, according to my consultant, only montelukast is insufficient as long acting inhalers are also required (If your doctor has prescribed).

I am also using long acting inhalers along with montelukast and my breathing is much better.

Regarding tiredness, it might be due to shortness of breath, I havent experienced any side effects from it except of mood swings and anger sometimes. Everyone has a different body though.

If you are concerned you should definitely consult your doctor about your symptoms. Best wishes!


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Aisling30 in reply to Sufferer197104

thank you for your feed back. much appreciated.

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hi, I started this tablet 4 weeks ago I’ve gone from using my blue inhaler 30+ times a week to 4 week 1, 0 week 2, 4 week 3, 8 week 4. I’ve blown my highest peak flow but it isn’t staying up there it’s still up and down. I’m still getting breathless having to do bits and sit down for a rest. I am also on fostair 200/6. Each thing they have changed has helped a bit but I still don’t feel it’s there yet. So I guess what I’m trying to say is everyone is different and what works for one doesn’t work for another. So keep going back to your doctor and report what is happening, and they will try something else for you. I’ve got a follow up appointment this afternoon so I will see what they will say/do next. Hope you get sorted soon also what I’ve found very helpful is the asthma nurses at asthma uk go through with them what is happening then when you speak to your gp you have the knowledge to question/discuss things they say. Xx

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Aisling30 in reply to Francheska48

thank you for your input

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Hi Aisling

I was put onto Montelukast about 10 years ago - I've never noticed a massive difference to my asthma, it does help a bit with pollen-induced asthma and it brought my IgE number down but I don't feel that a big difference. If I stop taking it I do notice a slight decline in my breathing so I just keep taking it.

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Aisling30 in reply to ccccc

Thanks so much for your input.

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I've been taking montelukast for a few years now. Although I was initially reluctant to take another medication, it definitely helps my asthma. How do I know ?

I monitor my peak flow morning and evening. When I try reducing my montelukast the peak flow falls. If you are seeing no benefit after four weeks then you need to speak to your GP.

Good luck.

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Aisling30 in reply to PaulRosedene

Thank you@

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I instantly found my breathing clearer but I did break myself in on a quarter then half a tab etc for a week or so. I take mine first thing with other meds . Good luck it’s great if it suits you 👍🏻

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Aisling30 in reply to Dizzart

thank you.

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I would give Montelukast about 8 weeks trial, but keep a symptom diary and note if your Ventolin use decreases or not, by recording your useage. You should have a review with your asthma nurse or doctor after about 8 weeks in order to discuss progress or other treatment options.

Montelukast doesn't work for everyone. I noticed that I can now tolerate allergens better.

I take it after dinner so any tiredness doesn't affect my day.

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Aisling30 in reply to Poobah

That's great information. I have been on it 5 weeks now. I notice a bit of a difference , like my oxygen level is much better when I am asleep used to be 90%-92% but now 96%-98%. I have tried brisk walking but I am going to see how my breathlessness is after. I am sure it is helping but time will tell. a friend of mine said 3 months but I suppose every day is an improvement.

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hi, I’ve been on Montelukast for 3 years. I take it right before I get into bed. It stops me waking up in the night. The effect was pretty much instant improvement for me and luckily no side effects. Hope your gets better soon.

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Aisling30 in reply to Idontlikeasthma

thank you .

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I personally saw improvement on the 1st day I used it.

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Aisling30 in reply to Boswell08


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I was prescribed Montelukast for my asthma as they were struggling to get it under control.

I took it for about 6 weeks and noticed only a slight improvement in my asthma, but an unpleasant side effect of very sharp pains in my sinus’, I believe this is a common side-effect. I have since stopped taking them. I also had crazy dreams.

Hope that helps


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Aisling30 in reply to ElizaBuch

thank you

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I have been taking montelukast for several years now and it does absolutely nothing for my asthma and allergies. Maybe it helps some people but for me no, it doesn't do anything. I just take it because the doctor prescribe it.

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Aisling30 in reply to Kekememe1

Thank you.

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Hi. I’ve been on Montelucast for years and I take my tablet at bedtime. I’ve had no side effects from taking it and if I do run out or I miss a few doses I feel rotten and my chest tightens up. So it definitely works for me. Good luck moving forward

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Aisling30 in reply to Beveboo

Thank you for your input. I actually think it is working for me now after 5 weeks. Someone told me it can take time depending on the person but I have noticed that I don't get quite as breathless when I walk.

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I have been on montelukast for 4 months now along with a preventer and reliever, I didn’t notice a difference initially but before starting it I was have episode’s 2-3 times a night, now I haven’t had a night episode for 3 month’s. I have barely used my blue inhaler during the day.

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Aisling30 in reply to Mumtochd

That is brilliant. I feel after 5 weeks that it is starting to work for me. I take Symbicort twice a day and one puff of Atrovent. what I have noticed is I am sleepung better and able to walk better without getting as breathless. also I feel my anxiety has lessened!

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I was prescribed this but was concerned about the side effects. I tried it for four days and from the second day woke up with a headache. I then stopped for a couple of days and tried starting again. This time I got a nasty migraine on the second day which even the strongest painkillers I have couldn't deal with. At no time did I notice any benefit from it.

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