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Food intolerance, causes my asthma

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Iv been a long term asthma sufferer, many times iv not known what had set me of,over the course of 15 years I've learnt that some foods I eat make me chesty,close my air ways,it was very difficult to isolate particular foods as with an intolerance it can take 72 or more hours to feel it and then take longer to feel better so its very hard to track things,I now no the main thing is sugar,this was hard to pin point because sugar is in so much food,carbs turn to sugar,you have natural sugars in fruit so this was hard,but I now no sugar is the main one,my diet now is so boring but it keeps from getting bad

7 Replies
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Might be worth you looking at Keto eating plan. It could suit your lifestyle but also give you more of an interesting and varied diet.

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I've been through the same, I am sorry! I totally agree, a restricting diet is what's best for me (at least for my asthma) even though it's not optimal from a healthy point of view.

What helps me the most is eating or drinking a ginger's infusion. It helps me with asthma and food intolerance's symptoms. I don't know if that could help you too?

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Thank you for your reply,I've not tried the ginger infusion so I will look into it,I had to eat just chicken and rice and then introduce certain things to see what happens,it does take ages to narrow things down and it does give a very limited diet but it stops me having to go to A&E for treatment because I'm chesty,im still working on it but it has definitely worked for me what is annoying is doctor's don't suggest these options they just fill you with steroids

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Some doctors are better than other doctors. It is up to you, to advocate for yourself - by asking these doctors many questions - and put them to the test!! This goes for nurses too. Once in a while, you will run in to someone that loves a good challenge - and will actually do some research. It is a shame - that professionals get “stuck” in a routine - inhalers, oral steroids…….and don’t think outside of the box - This is indeed a version of laziness - that they see as efficiency - which allows them to see more patients. Stand up for yourself - and demand the best out of them! I am a retired RN by the way……

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Ilis in reply to Supermoto

I totally understand.As I said, ginger is what helps me the best, I hope it will work for you too.

I forgot to mention that it took me months to understand what are the "food's categories" that my body couldn't stand anymore and it was almost all types of simple sugar (saccharose, fruits, etc.), gluten and dairy products, alcohol and fermented food or stuff way too fat.

I have no idea if that could help you or not since every body works or dysfunctions in its own way so please keep in mind thay this is my intolerance list to do your own!

But I would have felt bad if I hadn't told you what I can't eat anymore, maybe one of them are hard to digest for you too.

I hope that you will find a doctor who will help you and who will diagnose you! Until then, take care and I do hope you will find what kind of food you tolerate and can't. Take care!

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I also have AERD (aspirin sensitivity linked to asthma, but is usually adult onset after years with asthma) so for me it's important to avoid salicylates and omega 6 rich foods. I also avoid high carb foods and everything processed. Has definitely helped.

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I hv similar problem. And I suspect myself having MCAS. (still remain undiagnosed). My "cannot eat" food list covers a wide variety of nutritious foods. The safe food list included about 30 foods only. I was living with restricted diet as well. Like you, eating like this make my asthma under controlled.

However, I was feeling depressed and pressure with this diet. As sometimes I need to dine outside and it is difficult to find foods which is suitable for me to eat.

Doctors can do nothing about this. Niether any treatment or any test could be offered to me.

Although I can survive with this mode of living , I am thin and need to tolerate the worry of eating wrong foods.

Due to this condition I also need to face social problems, like avoiding dine with friends and family. Difficulties in preparing meals with family members.

I just want to express my feelings here, I feel comfort to know someone having similar problems. Otherwise I am just feeling so lonely when facing this long term health problems by myself.

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