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Hysteroscopy, Tamoxifen and a General Panic


Hi Folks

Not sure if anyone will be able to help but I'm slowly going up the wall here so here goes.

I have been taking Tamoxifen since 2014 post treatment for Breast Cancer and all was going well up until last May when when I experienced a heavy and rather surprising bleed (I am 43 but chemo and Tamoxifen put me well and truly in the menopause) I had a hysteroscopy and ablation, biopsy came back clear all was well until almost exactly a year later and the same thing happened again - once more biopsy came back clear, happy days, until about a month later and I started to

Bleed (A LOT) - anyway I saw the consultant, she had a look and prescribed some broad spectrum antibiotics asking me to get in touch when I finished the course. I did this and advised I was still bleeding 🙄 and had felt a bit under the weather and she advised that she would refer me for an Urgent MRI - now I'm fairly level headed but given my breast cancer diagnosis I started to stress out a bit now the bleed has stopped (after 18 days) but I still have a reasonable amount of pain and a bit of discharge but still haven't had my MRI. Logically I know the longer I wait to hear the less serious things are but as I genuinely don't know what they are looking for I'm getting a wee bit stressed

Sorry to witter in but if anyone can shed some light I would be so grateful

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Hi there , we are not surprised you are getting a bit stressed , sounds like you’ve been having a miserable time !

Can we suggest you get in touch with your gynaecology team and let them know you have pain and ask them when your scan will be ? We agree you need to have your MRI sooner rather than later to give you reassurance.

If you would like to talk with a nurse specialist about this in confidence then 0808 802 0019 nurse@eveappeal.org.uk

Best Wishes,

Team Eve x

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