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Feet pain

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Hi everyone, new to this site.

I had an operation to remove a bunion and straighten a hammer toe ( which I was told is caused arthritis) 18 months ago and I am still in a lot of pain when walking. Has anyone else got arthritis in their feet and what symptons do they have? How do you manage pain in feet? Thanks for reading, Anne.

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Yes! I have hallux rigidus meaning my toes don’t really bend. So did my father And my sister who got a partial joint replacement It’s very painful but ameliorated by glucosamine with condroitin plus painkillers. Gels don’t help me.

Hi thanks for your reply, I have recently stated taking glucosamine, hoping they may help but don’t find painkillers really help😢

Hello Traveller, I have hallux limitus on toes and have for 35 years. Pain stopped when I went to podiatrist and got orthotics. I have worn them for the 35 years and when I don't for a month or so, toes start hurting again. Also, I only use the best quality trail/running/walking shoes possible with a very wide box. Toes and front of foot cannot touch inside the shoe for my comfort. I walk and bike, stiff from Ra sometimes, but movement is good for quality of life. Good luck.

Hi Skymollie, thanks for your reply, I have got orthotics for shoes and wear mostly Fitflop trainers and shoes which help a bit but I still find it painful to walk. I have OA not RA, I’m not on any medication but sometimes take paracetamol for the OA in my knees ( usually at the end of the day to help me sleep)but don’t find they help with the pain in my feet.x

I have OA also and find that Celebrex (nsaid) works well. It doesn't cause the stomach upsets and constipation that Ibuprofen can cause. I think I read it's also available in England.

Thanks I will look to see if I can get it🤔x

Hi, I had operations on my feet when I was in my teens, I had a screw in my right foot to keep it in place again when I was 25. I am now 46 and I have just come back from a bone specialist after swelling and pain in my foot. I have been told I have arthrisis in my big toe (I also have it in my knee and wrists) I am going to have a steroid injection then to see what the next stage is...

hi there, sorry to hear that you are having problems. I also had a bunion surgery 18 months ago (I'm 63) and have had awful problems since. (either trapped nerve or CRPS which was agony for months) I still have some pain, especially after a good walk. Some of the pain is thought to be arthritis. All appointments were messed up last year, but I did get seen privately, then on NHS, by a super orthopaedic doc who recommended steroid injection, custom made insoles and pain clinic review. The operation site looked OK on xray (thankfully!) I had a steroid injection and that really helped for about 2 months. The insoles I'm not sure about ! I had a pain clinic phone call but by then I had tried most things myself, and it was a tad patronising at times. The fixing screws are prominent and I'm waiting to have them removed. I have erythromelalgia and mild Reynaud's so the circulation is a bit messed up in my feet.

I understand the misery painful feet - the operation is supposed to improve all that! Please ask to get fully checked out. The injection really helped me, if only for a while. Voltarol gel, pacing your activities and putting your feet up when you can is also very helpful.

Hi thanks for your reply, you appear to be suffering the same problems as me. I have steroid injections in the past, before my op and they did help but the 3rd didn’t help much. I have found the insoles a help a bit but you have to buy shoes with removable insoles so that you can put orthotic’s in. What is CRPS?

hi there, CPRS is complex regional pain syndrome. It's nerve pain & other changes which are different to arthritis. My operated foot still gets a little swollen and congested with blood - Like the early weeks post op but not as bad. Not sure why. Do you have this problem too?

Hi folks, I have been reading all your comments with interest.

I have arthritis in lower back and neck for years now however the past year or so, I started having pain in numerous joints ( I also have had pain in big toes due to gout for years). I had mentioned it to my GP while telling her of a few problems which all started about the same time.

It seemed just about all my joints hurt....shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers with swelling/puffiness around knuckles.

My toes/feet have also been awful but it doesn't feel like gout and have noticed that I can't bend my big toes and noticed too that my feet shape has changed. My big toes are very curved and the joints nearest the next toe is swollen and gets inflamed. I have to say I have "horrible" feet (LOL) as my toes are all curled downwards. Not sure if they are hammer toes or something else?! I also have an extremely high instep and feet seem a rather weird shape but have to had that both my dad and brother had the same type of thing.

I asked GP about it as it was so painful to walk and obviously because of covid, didn't get very far. She advised me to try seeing private chiropodist/podiatrist. Anyway, I have spoken to NHS podiatrist who sent foam tubes and said they will see me as soon as the covid situation allows but said it certainly sounded like an arthritic thing with my feet.

My GP said it will probably be "just osteoarthritis" but did run blood tests eventually and said no inflammation. I was pretty desperate at the time and asked her if buying glucosamine/chondroitin etc may help. She was pretty non-committed and said that these things only really help knee issues (which is thankfully not an issue I have).

Sorry for rambling but read your comments with interest. I have been finding walking difficult so looked at Fitflops and I have ordered a pair to see if they help things.

Do any of you think glucosamine/chondroitin or other can help problems due to ostoearthritis? Just trying to muddle through myself as no-one has seen me about this but hope there will be light at the end of the tunnel with restrictions getting eased.

Thanks in advance...

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Traveller1960 in reply to LesE62

Hi thanks for your reply.

Sorry to read that you are having suffering with arthritis in so many joints. I hope you GP doesn’t end up with ‘just osteoarthritis’ as they will soon realise there is nothing ‘just’ about it.

I have recently started taking glucosamine tablets so fingers crossed that they help.

I have a few pairs of Flitflop shoes and find that they really do help. I hope they work for you too.

I feel that the weight I have gained ( about 2stone) during Covid, has not helped with the OA in my knees.

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LesE62 in reply to Traveller1960

Thank you for your reply.I will be interested in how you get on with the glucosamine and I'm looking forward to getting my new Fitflops 😁

Hopefully either the podiatrist or my GP sometime will be able to advise me properly.

Hope your keep ok and thanks again.

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Darkfae78 in reply to LesE62

Use the glucosamine I use it as I have arthritis in my entire back and I make my mama use for her knees mama is 75 and has had one knee replacement already waiting on another one. Everyone is different with ailments and the meds that can help so shop around try essential oils as well these are amazing but do your research first I have been using oils for years and they work honestly. When I started using the glucosamine my mama sneered at the tablets but after taking it for a couple of months she noticed that the pain was less and her mobility was a bit better and even her knee surgeon said that taking them was a excellent thing so do your research and go from there good luck🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 everybody should have rainbows good luck

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LesE62 in reply to Darkfae78

Thank you for your reply and I will...

Wool socks help me. Unfortunately M&S sock have changed from being lambs wool to being wool rich which means less wool. John Lewis has slightly more. Keeping my feet warm at night helps too.

Thank you, I will give them a try, will try anything!!

Heat is a good pain reliever my hot water bottle and I have a very close relationship every single day at some point or another I will end up with my bottle on my back when the pain is so severe that even lying down is painful I put my bottle on my back and just relax little by little until moving does not involve screaming in agony my brother recently came home from work and his sciatic nerve had decided to let him know it was alive he was in agony I had to help him get undressed and into bed I gave him one of my pills that I have for my back called tapentadol rubbed peppermint oil into the area and gave him a hot water bottle and he said to me “I know it’s not what you have but for the love of all that is good a pure how the hell do you cope with pain like this everyday? I am WOMAN and you get so used to your pain that you learn how to walk work play with it and around it hope some of this helps and remember what works for one won’t work for everyone so do some research and hopefully you will find something that will work 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

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