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Rheumatoid No MEDs and Covid Vaccine

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is there anyone out there with RA who's not on meds who has gotten the covid vaccine? I've been flare-free for almost 2 years and I'm not sure if the vaccine will cause a flare, especially since I'm not on meds.

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Yes, I only use CBD oil for pain and an essential oil blend for my hands. I had the Astra Zeneca Oxford vaccine 2 weeks ago and I’m fine. I specifically asked for that type as I’d heard it was better for RA sufferers. I had a headache 12 hrs after the jab and woke up the next morning feeling like I had flu so I was muscle achy, tired etc. I took some paracetamol and by the afternoon felt fine, no sore arm. In other words within 24hrs of having the jab I was completely back to ‘my’ normal.

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thanks! I'll look into the Astra Zeneca vaccine. I'm in the US and it hasn't been approved here yet

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Generally we’re getting fewer issues with the AZ Oxford one here in UK

Hiya, I'm on meds and had the vaccine about 3 weeks ago now. I was fine, bit of a sore arm that's all. My guess is that getting covid is higher risk than getting the vaccine for causing flares. I had the Pfizer vaccine.

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Ok, thanks! I think I already had the virus, and if I did, it was pretty mild, 2 days of fever. I'm just not sure if the vaccine will ramp up my immune system and cause a flare. I really do not want to flare ever again.

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I certainly understand that!!!! I had a bad flare during the first lockdown and couldn't get any medical help for weeks. I was in agony and virtually bed bound. I really don't want to go there again! Good luck.

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Hi asinrime, thanks for getting in touch with your question about getting the vaccine in your circumstance.

The Arthritis Action charity recently held a webinar answering questions about the COVID-19 vaccine for people with arthritis. It may be worth watching, to help you feel more at ease about having the vaccine and explain why it shouldn't have any effect on your rheumatoid arthritis or flare ups. The webinar is now available on our YouTube page, and a written verison is available on our website:



Hope this helps, let us know how you get on!

thank you! I'll watch. I really want to get vaccinated but I don't want to flare

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